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Gray Amelia (Stevens) Amelia (Stevens) Gray (1945)
Gray Amos S. Amos S. Gray (1899)
Gray Anna (Starbuck) Anna (Starbuck) Gray (1901)
Gray Austin B. Austin B. Gray (1928)
Gray Bernice Pauline (Campfield) Bernice Campfield Gray (2003)
Gray Berniece (Harrell) Berniece Harrell Gray (1987)
Gray Cash L. Cash L. Gray (1959)
Gray Charles Charles Gray (1957)
Gray Charles - son of Son of Chas. Gray (1902)
Gray Charles Elmer Jr. Charles E. Gray Jr. (1996)
Gray Charles Edgar Charles Edgar Gray (1934)
Gray Child Child Gray (1895)
Gray Clarion Clyde Clarion Clyde Gray (1940)
Gray Cleo Marie (Gilbert) Cleo Marie (Gilbert) Libby (1976)
Gray Dale L. Dale L. Gray (1997)
Gray Daniel S. Daniel S. Gray (1908)
Gray Dick Dick Gray (1961)
Gray Dorothy A. (Niendorf) Dorothy A. (Niendorf) Gray (2011)
Gray Dorothy A. (Roberts) Dorothy A. (Roberts) Gray (2011)
Gray Edith May (Hartman) Edith Hartman Gray (1961)
Gray Elbert Loren Elbert Loren Gray (2002)
Gray Elizabeth (Swartzeller) Elizabeth (Swartzeller) Gray (1906)
Gray Ernest R. Ernest R. Gray (1955)
Gray Evelyn Ruth Evelyn Ruth Gray (1976)
Gray Floyd Elmer Floyd Elmer Gray (1971)
Gray Golda (Jones) Golda (Jones) Gray (1958)
Gray Harriet Louise (Rhyno) Harriet Louise (Rhyno) Gray (1948)
Gray Harry Lawrence Harry Lawrence Gray (1979)
Gray Harry Levi Harry L. Gray (1990)
Gray Harry Levi, Jr. Harry L. Gray, Jr. (1984)
Gray Hazel J. (Bush) Hazel Bush Gray (1989)
Gray Ida May (Compton) Ida May (Compton) Gray (1975)
Gray Jack G. Jack G. Gray (2006)
Gray James T. James T. Gray (1967)
Gray John John Gray (1916)
Gray Laura Laura Gray (1992)
Gray Lester Lester Gray (1998)
Gray Lewis Morton Lewis Morton Gray (1947)
Gray Linda Sue (Shambaugh) Linda Sue (Shambaugh) Gray (1999)
Gray Lucille Fay (Holmes) Lucille Fay (Holmes) Gray (2010)
Gray Mable F. Mable F. Gray (1977)
Gray Mary (Black) Mary (Black) Gray (1994)
Gray Mary Isabelle (McCormick) Baker Mary Isabelle (McCormick) Baker Gray (1917)
Gray Maude E. (Jackson) Maude Jackson Gray (1979)
Gray Nathan O. Nate Gray (1883)
Gray Nellie M. (Hendricks) Nellie M. (Hendricks) Gray (1926)
Gray Prunella Jane (Lewis) Prunella Jane (Lewis) Gray (1931)
Gray Ray William Ray William Gray (1984)
Gray Richard Allen Richard Allen Gray (2006)
Gray Robert E. Robert E. Gray (1963)
Gray Ruby B. (Algoe) Ruby Algoe Gray (1991)
Gray Thelma Thelma Gray (1910)
Gray Walter T. Walter T. Gray (1964)
Gray Wanda (Huffman) Wanda (Huffman) Gray (2015)
Gray William - Mrs. Mrs. William Gray (1901)
Gray William Albert William Albert Gray (1897)
Gray William M. William M. Gray (1991)
Gray Zella (Lynch) Zella Lynch Gray (1996)
Green Abigail R. Abigail R. Green (1897)
Green Allie Allie Green (1897)
Green Bertha Bertha Green (1952)
Green Beryl (Bash) Beryl (Bash) Green (1961)
Green Beulah (Thomas) Downs Beulah (Thomas) Downs Green (1975)
Green Catherine Ann (Henning) Davis Catherine Ann (Henning) Davis Green (1936)
Green Clarence R. Clarence R. Green (Lieut.) (1918)
Green David M. David M. Green (1940)
Green Donald Lloyd Donald L. Green (1988)
Green Ellyson Ellyson Green (1938)
Green Hans Hans Joseph Green (2006)
Green Harris Branscombe Harris Branscombe Green (1911)
Green Johnston A. Johnston A. Green (1895)
Green Julia Nora Julia Nora Green (2010)
Green Katherine Ann (Henning) Davis Katherine Ann (Henning) Davis Green (1934)
Green Lida Ellen (Boulton) Lida Ellen Green (1946)
Green Marcus B. Marcus B. Green (1886)
Green Mark Alan Mark Alan Green (2007)
Green Mary (Kephart) Mary (Kephart) Green (1910)
Green Mary (Newlon) Mary Newlon Green (1963)
Green Patricia Ann (Morris) Patricia Ann (Morris) Green (1997)
Green Ralph R. Ralph Green (1942)
Green Rodney Lee Rodney Lee Green (1957)
Green Ruby (Parrott) Ruby Parrott Green (1998)
Green Thomas - Daughter of Daughter of Thomas Green (1884)
Green William E. William E. Green (2001)
Greenfield James James Greenfield (1947)
Greenfield James R. James R. Greenfield (1895)
Greenfield Mary E. Mary E. Greenfield (1950)
Greenfield Moody Moody Greenfield (1981)
Greenfield Norma Elizabeth (Hann) Norma Hann Greenfield (2001)
Greenfield Scott A. Scott A. Greenfield (1986)
Greenlee Oliver F. Oliver F. Greenlee (1929)
Greenley Katherine Lucy (Plummer) Katherine Lucy (Plummer) Greenley (1939)
Greenman Wilbur Laverne Wilbur Laverne Greenman (1979)
Greenwalt Lavona Pearl (Dixon) Lavona Dixon Greenwalt (1987)
Greenwell Dixie Lee Dixie Lee Greenwell (2010)
Greenwell Jerry Parke Jerry Parke Greenwell (2005)

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