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Cohee Earl L. Earl L. Cohee (1970)
Cohee Glen "Jack" Glen "Jack" Cohee (2003)
Cohee Janet (Hern) Janet Hern Cohee (1933)
Cohee Wilma Mae Wilma Mae Cohee (2007)
Coil Audra Lee Audra Lee Coil (1978)
Coil Ruby B. (Frazier) Ruby B. (Frazier) Coil (1995)
Coit Calen DeAlexander Calen DeAlexander Coit (2017)
Colby Florence (Bevis) Florence (Bevis) Colby (2009)
Colclazier Clinton Marshall Clinton Marshall Colclazier (1935)
Cole Alberta G. (Veneman) Alberta G. (Veneman) Cole (1963)
Cole America (Griggs) America (Griggs) Cole (1901)
Cole Charles L. Charles L. Cole (1950)
Cole Charlotte Mercy (Wade) Puckett Milroy Charlotte Mercy (Wade) Puckett Milroy Cole (2000)
Cole Clarence Adrian Clarence Adrian Cole (1929)
Cole Donald V. Donald V. Cole (1964)
Cole Elizabeth Elizabeth Cole (1975)
Cole Elmer K. Elmer K. Cole (1956)
Cole Elnora Elnora Cole (1889)
Cole Emma (Cue) Emma Cole (1955)
Cole Florilla (Kester) Florilla (Kester) Cole (1934)
Cole George George Cole (1914)
Cole Harris Charles Harris Charles Cole (1941)
Cole John S. W. John S. W. Cole (1906)
Cole Juliett A. (Cheever) Juliett A. (Cheever) Cole (1911)
Cole Katheryn (Schaff) Katheryn (Schaff) Cole (1954)
Cole Lela Lela Cole (1892)
Cole Lillie B Lillie B. Cole (1907)
Cole Mary Mary Cole (1898)
Cole Minnie Caroline Minnie Caroline Cole (1908)
Cole Ray Vernon Ray Vernon Cole (1899)
Cole Rebecca Anne Rebecca Anne Cole (1983)
Cole Ridley Ridley Cole (1913)
Cole Ridley C. Ridley C. Cole (1950)
Cole Scott, Sgt. Scott Cole, Sgt. (1944)
Cole Sidney M. Sidney M. Cole (1901)
Cole W. E. W. E. Cole (1923)
Coledge Fannie E. Fannie E. Coledge (1886)
Coleman Jesse Lee Jesse Lee Coleman (1935)
Coleman John John Coleman (1900)
Coleman Pamela Lhea (Dehm) Pamela Dehm Coleman (1981)
Coleman Rosa Lee (Letterman) Rosa Lee (Letterman) Coleman (1959)
Colgin Ida (Martin) Ida (Martin) Colgin (1928)
Colgin John John Colgin (1952)
Colgin Thomas William Thomas William Colgin (1910)
Colisse Infant Infant Colisse (1916)
College James C. James C. College (1945)
College Jerry Lee Jerry Lee College (2005)
College Lois (Addy) Lois Addy College (1968)
Colles Esther L. Esther L. Colles (1912)
Collie James James Collie (1888)
Collier Hazel (Mullins) Reinert Hazel (Reinert) Collier (2004)
Collier Leo E. Leo E. Collier (1986)
Collier Ralph Ralph Collier (1911)
Collier Theodore Cassidy Theodore Cassidy Collier (1947)
Collier William Marion William Marion Collier (1906)
Collins A. E. - infant daughter of Infant daughter of A. E. Collins (1907)
Collins Anderson E. Anderson E. Collins (1935)
Collins Ann (Black) Ann (Black) Collins (1947)
Collins Ann (Johnston) Ann Johnston Collins (1994)
Collins Audrey H. (Reit) Audrey H. (Reit) Collins (2013)
Collins Burness Burness Collins (1966)
Collins Cathie Jean (Parker) Cathie Jean (Parker) Collins (2009)
Collins Clifford 'Ham' Sr. Clifford "Ham" Collins Sr. (2003)
Collins Clyde Oren Clyde Oren Collins (1924)
Collins Drusilla Mae (Bradshaw) Drusilla Mae (Bradshaw) Collins (1949)
Collins Edward Edward Collins (1961)
Collins Elijah Elijah Collins (1914)
Collins G. Tim Tim Collins (1977)
Collins Harry Harry Collins (1905)
Collins Henry Henry Collins (1912)
Collins Henry R. Henry R. Collins (1970)
Collins Ida (Lee) Ida (Lee) Collins (1930)
Collins James L. James L. Collins (2008)
Collins Jess "Ron" Jess "Ron" Collins (2010)
Collins Joy Lorraine (Fairholm) Joy Lorraine (Fairholm) Collins (2016)
Collins Kathleen Ann Kathleen Ann Collins (1958)
Collins Kenneth K. Kenneth K. Collins (2014)
Collins Lemon A. Lemon A. Collins (1908)
Collins Lena E. (Long) Lena Long Collins (1961)
Collins Leona Wanda (Powell) Leona Wanda (Powell) Collins (2014)
Collins Loraine (Drake) Loraine Drake Collins (1964)
Collins Louise J. (McCartt) Louise McCartt Collins (1972)
Collins Mardis Wintford Mardis Wintford Collins (2012)
Collins Martin A. - Infant of Infant Collins (1897)
Collins Mary Mary Collins (1934)
Collins Merland 'Rip' Wayne Merland "Rip" Collins (1990)
Collins Minnie (Spence) Minnie (Spence) Collins (1911)
Collins Rival W. Rival W. Collins (1984)
Collins Ronald A. Ronald A. Collins (1913)
Collins Roy Roy Collins (1923)
Collins Samantha Emaline (Clanton) Samantha Emaline (Clanton) Collins (1925)
Collins Wilkie Hillard Wilkie Hillard Collins (1967)
Collopy Winnifred (McNamara) Winnifred (McNamara) Collopy (1909)
Colton Hiram Hiram Colton (1892)
Colton Hiram Lloyd Hiram Lloyd Colton (1919)
Coltrane Joseph T. Joseph T. Coltrane (1898)
Coltrane M. Earl M. Earl Coltrane (1961)
Coltrane Sam R., Jr. (St. Sgt.) Sam R. Coltrane, Jr. (St. Sgt.) (1945)
Coltrane William I. William I. Coltrane (1901)
Colvin Harold Curtis Harold Curtis Colvin (1969)
Colvin Jacob Rice Jacob Rice Colvin (1936)
Colvin Ollie Lameda (Curtis) Ollie Lameda (Curtis) Colvin (1952)
Colvin Thelma (Mease) Thelma Mease Colvin (1996)
Combs Betty Lou Betty Lou Combs (1939)
Combs Elvira (Tullis) Elvira (Tullis) Combs (1952)
Combs James "Jim" Edward James "Jim" Edward Combs (2014)
Combs James L. James L. Combs (1952)
Combs Roy Roy Combs (1940)
Comer Adam Adam Comer (1955)
Comer Delmer J. Delmer J. Comer (1989)
Comer Rosetta Ellen (Hircock) Rosetta Ellen (Hircock) Comer (1917)
Comer Viola Mary (Slaughter) Viola Mary (Slaughter) Comer (2009)
Comly Lowell Dean Lowell Dean Comly (1944)
Comly Pauline Pauline Comly (1971)
Comp Esther (Wilkie) Esther (Wilkie) Comp (2001)
Comp Eunice Sevilla Eunice Sevilla Comp (1918)
Comp Frank Wesley Frank Wesley Comp (1985)
Comp George W. George W. Comp (1962)
Comp George William George William Comp (1955)
Comp Georgia M. Georgia M. Comp (1886)
Comp Gertrude (Webb) Gertrude Webb Comp (1960)
Comp Helen (Cummins) Helen (Cummins) Comp (2010)
Comp Henry Henry Comp (1891)
Comp Ida. H. (Wermersen) Ida. H. Comp (1983)
Comp Ira D. Ira D. Comp (1947)
Comp Janice Eleanor (Chickering) Janice Eleanor (Chickering) Comp (2012)
Comp Joseph L. Joseph Comp (1992)
Comp Joseph M. Joseph M. Comp (1919)
Comp Mable L. (Fenimore) Mable L. (Fenimore) Comp (1970)
Comp Myrna Madene (McLees) Madene McLees Comp (2006)
Comp Myrtle Esther (Cessna) Myrtle Cessna Comp (1993)
Comp Nancy (Arasmith) Nancy (Arasmith) Comp (1899)
Comp Nellie A. (Rehard) Nellie Rehard Comp (1971)
Comp Ora Ora Comp (1891)
Comp Raymond G. Raymond G. Comp (1988)
Comp Ruth (Matthews) Ruth Matthews Comp (1979)
Comp Russell Stanley Russell Stanley Comp (2006)
Comp Savilla (Johnston) Savilla (Johnston) Comp (1924)
Comp Terry Terry Comp (2004)
Comp Walter - infant daughter of Infant daughter of Walter Comp (1915)
Comp Walter - infant son of Infant son of Walter Comp (1924)
Comp Walter Joseph Walter J. Comp (1944)

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