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Clarke Beatrice (Downs) Beatrice Downs Clarke (1986)
Clarke Bridget (Cunningham) Bridget (Cunningham) Clarke (1896)
Clarke Catherine Catherine Clarke (1924)
Clarke Charles, Sr. Charles Clarke, Sr. (1932)
Clarke Charles Robert Charles Robert Clarke (1984)
Clarke Eileen E. (Leeper) Eileen E. Clarke (1994)
Clarke Ella (Johnson) Ella (Johnson) Clark (1918)
Clarke Hannah (Picken) Hannah Picken Clarke (1968)
Clarke Ivan D. Ivan D. Clarke (1993)
Clarke Jennings Lester Jennings Lester Clarke (1897)
Clarke John Samuel John Samuel Clarke (1966)
Clarke Lucy (Cutler) Lucy (Cutler) Clarke (1923)
Clarke Mabel Pearle (Hess) Mabel Hess Clarke (1981)
Clarke Margaret Ann (Picken) Margaret Ann (Picken) Clarke (1963)
Clarke Marie (Jones) Marie (Jones) Clarke (1974)
Clarke Maxine Maxine Clarke (1999)
Clarke Nancy Jo (Agnew) Nancy Jo (Agnew) Clarke (2007)
Clarke Robert Robert Clarke (1942)
Clarke William D. William D. Clarke (1907)
Clarke Willis James Willis James Clarke (1973)
Clarkson Amy Henrietta (Soli) Amy Soli Clarkson (2003)
Clarkson Harold Eugene Harold E. Clarkson (2005)
Clarkson Jack J. Jack J. Clarkson (1945)
Clarkson John W. John W. Clarkson (1974)
Clarkson Martha Sarah (Stanley) Martha Stanley Clarkson (1996)
Clarkson Mary Josephine (Frey) Mary Frey Clarkson (1997)
Clarkson Philip Wayne,  Sr. Philip Wayne Clarkson Sr. (2017)
Clarkson Robert Earl Robert Clarkson (1994)
Clarkson Roxie (Weeks) Roxie Weeks Clarkson (1994)
Classen Betty Belle (Jeffryes) Betty Belle (Jeffryes) Classen (2016)
Classen Leo Leo Classen (2013)
Clatterbaugh Velda (Farr) Velda Farr Clatterbaugh (1978)
Clausen Alma Rosa Dorothea (Pevesterf) Alma Rosa Dorothea (Pevesterf) Clausen (1968)
Clausen Amalia Anna “Mollie” (Wishmier) Amalia Anna “Mollie” (Wishmier) Clausen (1959)
Clausen Arthur Henry Arthur Henry Clausen (1971)
Clausen Blanche Ellen (Addy) Blanche Addy Clausen (1998)
Clausen Cora Belle (Drake) Cora Belle (Drake) Clausen (1986)
Clausen Ferdinand Detrich Ferdinand Clausen (1961)
Clausen Frederick Henry Frederick Henry Clausen (2017)
Clausen Helen (Piper) Helen Piper Clausen (2004)
Clausen Henry A. Henry A. Clausen (1908)
Clausen Johanna Justine (Ohrt) Johanna Justine (Ohrt) Clausen (1894)
Clausen Johannes Herman "John" Johannes Herman (John) Clausen (1930)
Clausen John Eric John Eric Clausen (2011)
Clausen Lucy Marie (Clausen) Lucy Marie (Clausen) Clausen (1960)
Clausen Paul Ferdinand Paul Ferdinand Clausen (1987)
Clausen Richard Henry Richard H. Clausen (1985)
Clausen Ruby Alice (Roberts) Ruby Alice (Roberts) Clausen (1956)
Clausen W. Ben W. Ben Clausen (1999)
Clay Linda Diane (Walker) Linda Diane (Walker) Clay (2016)
Claypool Clarice (Lattig) Clarice (Lattig) Claypool (2000)
Claypool Francis Boyd Francis Boyd Claypool (1939)
Claypool James Boyd James Boyd Claypool (1964)
Claypool Kenneth Leroy Kenneth Claypool (2000)
Clayton Ethel Melissa (Reigle) Ethel Reigle Clayton (1981)
Clayton James D. James D. Clayton (1886)
Clayton Kathryn L. (Cly) Kathryn L. (Cly) Clayton (2011)
Clayton Roberta Lee "Betty" (Morrison) Roberta Lee "Betty" (Morrison) Clayton (2009)
Clayton Roger F. Roger Clayton (2003)
Clayton Sadie (Roberts) Sadie Roberts Clayton (1951)
Clayton Theresa (Crews) Theresa (Crews) Clayton (2008)
Clear Addie Belle (Allen) Addie Belle (Allen) Clear (1911)
Clear Claude Claude Clear (2006)
Clear Debbie Debbie Clear (1994)
Clear Guy Guy Clear (1928)
Clear John John Clear (1899)
Clear Kiziah (Banta) Ansley Kiziah (Banta) Ansley Clear (1903)
Clear Leanna (Webb) Leanna (Webb) Clear (1976)
Clear Lola Louise (Black) Lola Black Clear (1998)
Clear Mabel Oraletha Mabel Oraletha Clear (1931)
Clear Martin Benjamin Martin Benjamin Clear (1938)
Clear Minnie May (Lewis) Rush Minnie May (Lewis) Rush Clear (1923)
Clear Paul Henry Paul Henry Clear (1927)
Clear Peter Peter Clear (1927)
Clear Rosy May (Janes) Rosy Janes Clear (1985)
Clearwater Anna May (Earp) Anna May Clearwater (1946)
Clearwater David David Clearwater (1929)
Clearwater Elizabeth Elizabeth Clearwater (1894)
Clearwater Frank H. Frank H. Clearwater (1948)
Clearwater Harry Harry Clearwater (1913)
Clearwater Ida May (Bassett) Ida May Bassett Clearwater (1932)
Clearwater Jane (Swift) Jane (Swift) Clearwater
Clearwater John Elliott John Elliott Clearwater (1925)
Clearwater Levi Levi Clearwater (1894)
Clearwater Stoakley Nancy (Henry) Stoakley Nancy (Henry) Clearwater (1897)
Cleaver Sharon J (Smith) Sharon J (Smith) Cleaver (2017)
Cleavinger Eliza Jane (Carson) Eliza Jane (Carson) Cleavinger (1920)
Cleghorn Brian R. Brian R. Cleghorn (1988)
Cleghorn Harold 'Red' Harold "Red" Cleghorn (2003)
Cleghorn JoAnn (Biery) JoAnn (Biery) Cleghorn (2016)
Cleland Barbara Elizabeth (Judkins) Barbara Elizabeth (Judkins) Cleland (1904)
Cleland Charles Charles Cleland (1944)
Cleland Clifford R. Clifford R. Cleland (1983)
Cleland Donald Eugene Donald Eugene Cleland (1940)
Cleland Dorothy (Farr) Dorothy Farr Cleland (1961)
Cleland Everett Everett Cleland (2016)
Cleland Frances Rosa (Siedel) Frances Rosa (Siedel) Cleland (1919)
Cleland John L. John L. Cleland (1947)
Cleland John W. John Cleland (1982)
Cleland Maud Maud Cleland (1898)
Cleland Mildred Irene ( Wilson) Mildred Irene ( Wilson) Cleland (1975)
Cleland Robert Robert Cleland (1910)
Clelland Virginia May (Martin) Virginia May (Martin) Clelland (2014)
Clemens Rebecca A. (Pugh) Beasley Rebecca A. (Pugh) Clemens Beasley (2017)
Clement Ina May Ina May Clement (1953)
Clement John - infant daughter of Infant of John Clement (1895)
Clement John W. John W. Clement (1917)
Clement Lydia Matilda (Kerns) Lydia Matilda (Kerns) Clement (1911)
Clements Arthur Arthur Clements (1908)
Clements Asa M. Asa M. Clements (1890)
Clements Carolyn (Stanley) Carolyn Stanley Clements (1967)
Clements Chalmers Orlando Chalmers Orlando Clements (1944)
Clements Dennis Bruce Dennis Bruce Clements (1972)
Clements Don Don Clements (1966)
Clements Earl Emil Earl Emil Clements (1959)
Clements Frank F. Frank F. Clements (1953)
Clements George Thompson George Thompson Clements (1900)
Clements Infant Infant Clements (1895)
Clements James - infant son of Infant Son of James Clements (1897)
Clements Lambert Milton "Bert" Lambert Milton "Bert" Clements (1953)
Clements Lula P. (Devilbiss) Lula P. Devilbiss Clements (2003)
Clements Mary Mary Clements (1883)
Clements Ora Candice (Haxton) Ora Candice Clements (1951)
Clements Ora M. (Clampitt) Ora M. Clements (1944)
Clements Sarah Ann (Goff) Sarah Ann (Goff) Clements (1932)
Clements Tamra (Carl) Tamra Carl Clements (2004)
Clements Virgil 'Clem' Melvin Virgil "Clem" Melvin Clements (2003)
Clements Walter Nathan Walter Nathan Clements (1963)
Clements William W. William W. Clements (1924)

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