Madison County, Iowa



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Veteran's Name: Stinson, John

Father: John Stinson
Residence:  Father's nativity: 
Occupation:  Mother: Margaret Smith, married 03 May 1845
Date of birth: 15 Sep 1845 Mother's nativity: 
Place of birth: Burlington, Iowa Wife: Never married
Date of death: 05 Jan 1929 2nd wife: 
Place of death: Winterset, Madison, Iowa 3rd wife: 
Place of burial: Primitive Baptist Cemetery  
Cause of death: 



War record
  Rank: Captain Company: F Regiment: 7th
  State: Iowa Organization: Cavalry
  Enlistment date: 20 Jul 1863
  Enlistment age: 18 Residence: Muscatine
  Mustered out: 
  Transfers: to Company F, 7th Cavalry Reorganized
GAR membership
  Post name: Pitzer Date joined: 1st term 1909
  Post No.: 55 (S) Age at joining: 
  Place: Winterset Transfers: 
Sources: Roster Iowa Soldiers: Stephenson; Post 55 Desc Book #266; Winterset News 10 Jan 1929

1. By mistake Mr. Stinson's name was entered on the War records as John Stephenson and he was officially known by that name. After his discharge he went to the Black hills and acted as a cowboy and range rider. Later he again became a soldier and served under Bill Cody in the West and Southwest through several Indian uprisings.

2. Was born in Indiana (not Iowa)

3. Margaret Smith, his mother, was daughter of Aquilla Smith

4. Mrs. Debutts offers information of veteran's father's marriage which she secured from marriage records compiled by a D.A.R. Chapter in Jackson County, Indiana. John Stinson Stephenson and Margaret Smith were married 03 May 1845 in Jackson County, Indiana. Her sister, Amanda Smith married Joseph K. Evans, 1st Treasurer of Jackson County, Indiana on 22 Feb 1844, both of these buried at Audubon, Iowa.

5. Transcriber's notes - Although this record lists him as a Captain, he appears in official records as a 6th Corporal. The family used the surname "Stephenson" at least through 1895 and became "Stinson" around the turn of the century.


Transcribed by Kent G. Transier 05 Jan 2006.