Madison County, Iowa



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Veteran's Name: Leonard, Sylvester R.

Father: William L. Leonard 
Residence:  Father's nativity: 06 Oct 1823, Ohio, died 19 Dec 1893 Winterset
Occupation: Clerk and Tinner Mother: Elizabeth Young
Date of birth: 19 Sep 1845 Mother's nativity: 
Place of birth: Mercer County, Ohio Wife: Sarah E. Abrahams, married 15 Dec 1874 at Winterset, Iowa by Rev. Potter
Date of death: 08 Feb 1926 2nd wife: 
Place of death: St. Charles, Madison, Iowa 3rd wife: 
Place of burial:   
Cause of death: 


  William Lewis - born 16 Feb 1876

              (Mrs. P. S.) Wise - St. Charles, Iowa (step daughter)

War record
  Rank: Private Company: G Regiment: 20th
  State: Ohio Organization: Infantry
  Enlistment date: Oct 1864
  Enlistment age:  Residence
  Mustered out: Jun 1865
GAR membership
  Post name: Pitzer Date joined: 25 Aug 1881 (Charter Member)
  Post No.: 55 (23) Age at joining: 36
  Place: Winterset Transfers: 
  Post name: John Miller Date joined: 20 Apr 1886
  Post No.: 158 Age at joining: 
  Place: St. Charles Transfers: Sus 2nd term 1903
Sources: Ex-Soldiers living Ia. 1886: Lenard - Winterset; 53rd Annual Enc.: Leonard, S. R. - Prvt G 20 Ohio; Not shown in Roster Ohio; Graves Reg says buried St. Charles Cem, St. Charles. Born in Ohio. Also gives service record as G 20 Ohio as verified from Es-Soldiers and books of Pitzer Post #55. Information from: Pitzer Post G.A.R. Register. Lloyd Dickey, Winterset. Birth date from Graves Reg.

1. From Post 55 Desc Book - occupation, tinner, res. St. Charles.

2. Post 55: Co G 20 Ohio Inf occ'p'n Clerk - no dates of service.

3. Pensioned SC 570 725

4. Pension File shows residence since service: Cincinnati, Ohio to 1866; Winterset, Iowa to 1871; Lincoln County, Kansas to 1873; Winterset, Iowa to 1905; Jamestown, Pennsylvania to present 1912. Was in St. Charles 1890. Pension $19 19 Sep 1915, Knoc County, Ohio, $32 10 Jun 1918. 

5. Desc.: 5 ft 3 in. dark complexion, gray eyes, brown hair, occupation student when enlisted.

6. Mrs. Orvilla Leonard married Sylvester 12 Oct 1925, St. Charles, Iowa. She is 84 years of age, living with a daughter, Mrs. P. S. Wise; died Dakota County, Nebraska, South Souix City.

7. S. R. Leonard was a foster son of William L. Leonard Surgeon 39th Iowa Infantry and 7th Illinois Infantry.

8. Soldier's Pension Certificate No SC570725

9. Winterset Madisonian 18 Feb 1926 - Leonard, S. R. familiarly known as Rigg died at his home 11 Feb 1926. Buried St. Charles, Iowa. Went with his father Dr. W. L. Leonard as Surg Asst age 16. After service lived for a time in western Kansas. Survived by wife and son William.


Transcribed by Kent G. Transier 26 Dec 2005.