The book History of Madison County (Iowa) & Its People, Herman A. Mueller, editor, Chicago: S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1915 gave what was purportedly, a complete and accurate list of veterans of the Civil War from Madison County. This was used by the County Coordinators as the starting point for the compilation of the information in the Civil War pages. Further research has shown that the starting list was inaccurate. A case in point are the father and son, Jacob and James Kinkennon.  The aforementioned book shows James as being killed in Helena, Arkansas and Jacob being discharged but the opposite is true. James survived the war and died in 1926. his father, Jacob, succumbed to "the bloody flux" and was interred at Helena, Arkansas. Later, his body and many others were disinterred and placed on a barge as the first part of their transport to be buried at home. Unfortunately, the barge sank in the Mississippi and the bodies were lost.