Madison County, Iowa



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Veteran's Name: Hill, Henry

Residence: Winterset, Iowa Father's nativity: 
Occupation: Farmer Mother: 
Date of birth: 27 Apr 1846 Mother's nativity: 
Place of birth: Yorkshire, England Wife: Mary A. Pyle
Date of death: 09 May 1927 2nd wife: Mary J. Rollstin
Place of death: Winterset, Madison, Iowa 3rd wife: 
Place of burial: Winterset Cemetery  
Cause of death: 



  Edmund D

  Joseph L

  Mrs. Lilly Belle Farmer

  Mrs. Edith Alice Kinnaird

  Mrs. Ida May Seibert

  Mrs. Marie E. Rollstin

War record
  Rank: Private Company: F Regiment: 14th
  State: New York Organization: Heavy Artillery
  Enlistment date: 06 Jul 1863 (Enlisted at Rochester by Captain John Weed for 3 years)
  Enlistment age: 18 Residence
  Mustered out: 1865
  Service Record: A. G. R.: Mustered 20 Oct; captured 25 mar 1865; paroled, date not stated; mustered out with Company 26 Aug 1865 at Washington D.C.
GAR membership
  Post name: John Miller Date joined: 14 Dec 1901
  Post No.: 158 Age at joining: 
  Place: St. Charles, Madison, Iowa Transfers: 
  Post name: Pitzer Date joined: 15 Feb 1912
  Post No.: 55 (277) Age at joining: 67
  Place: Winterset Transfers: 
Sources: Annual Encapt Death roll: no record; Iowa Index shows 2: Co C 24 Ia & Co A 27; Post 158 Desc Book among names beg M- Prvt F 14 N. Y. H. Art; N. Y. Men in Civil War: Prvt F 14 N. Y. Art; Winterset News May 12, 1927; Post 55 Desc Book #277 - age 67 in 1902 or 1912; Post 158: Death & date joined Post 55, F. 15, 1912;N.Y. Men in Civil War: Prvt F 14 N. Y. Art; Rept Adjt Gen N. Y.


Transcribed by Kent G. Transier 17 Dec 2005.