Madison County



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Veteran's Name: Cummings, Henry J B

Father: Henry B
Residence: Winterset, Madison, Iowa Father's nativity: 
Occupation: Editor, Lawyer Mother: Anna Robb, married early part of 1857
Date of birth: 21 May 1831 Mother's nativity: 
Place of birth: Newton, Sussex, New Jersey Wife: 
Date of death: 15 Apr 1909 2nd wife: 
Place of death: Winterset, Madison, Iowa 3rd wife: 
Place of burial: Winterset Cemeetery  
Cause of death: 


  Laura J. (James W. Miller) b., died California about 1938 past 80 years old

  Claude C. Cornman, (foster son), 2629 49th Street, Des Moines, Iowa

War record
  Rank: Colonel Company:  Regiment: 39th
  State: Iowa Organization: Infantry
  Enlistment date: Appointed Colonel 12 Sep 1862; See Co. F, 4th Iowa Infantry
  Enlistment age: 31 Residence: Winterset
  Mustered out: 
GAR membership
  Post name: Pitzer Date joined: 23 May 1884
  Post No.: 55 (89) Age at joining: 
  Place: Winterset Transfers: Sus. 30 Sep 1888, Re. 31 Dec 1888
Sources: Roster Iowa Soldiers: Field & Staff./Ex.Soldiers living Ia. 1886: - Winterset./C. C. Cornman Jul 1940; Post 55 Desc Book #89 - age 52 in 1884

1. Foster son C. C. Cornman: H. Cummings was publisher of paper at Schuyllkillhaven, Pennsylvania at age 19.. "Father came to Iowa Jan 1857." Apptd. Lt. Col. on Gov. Johnston's Staff.

2. Crossed Mississippi River on ice.

3. After service in army went into law work & helped organize the Republican pasrty in Madison County, Iowa. Was editor of the Madisonian for a good many years in early 1880s.

4. Elected to Congress in 1878 from Winterset.

5. Sponsored and obtained Soldiers' Memorial Monument in Winterset. Daughter was a member of Daughters of Regiment 39th Iowa Infantry. Historical Society has all letters of his.


Transcribed by Kent G. Transier 22 Sep 2005.