Madison County



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Veteran's Name: Cleveland, Aaron Erastus

Father: Andrew S. Cleveland
Residence: Earlham, Madison, Iowa Father's nativity: 
Occupation: Farmer Mother: Lucy Wheeler
Date of birth: 26 May 1846 Mother's nativity: 
Place of birth: Humphrey, Cattraugus County, New York Wife: Jane Belding; married 09 Sep 1872, Hebron, Wisconsin, divorced, D. 1901.
Date of death: 07 Jan 1939 2nd wife: Ella M. Carroll; married 09 Dec 1901, Des Moines, Polk, Iowa
Place of death: Earlham, Madison, Iowa 3rd wife: 
Place of burial: Earlham, Madison, Iowa  
Cause of death: 


  Sidney  -  Van Meter, Dallas, Iowa

  Roy  -  Winterset, Madison, Iowa

  Perry - deceased

  Alva - deceased

  4 grandchildren

  1 great brandchild

War record
  Rank: Private Company: E Regiment: 1st
  State: Wisconsin Organization: Cavalry
  Enlistment date: 28 March 1864
  Enlistment age:  Residence: Concord
  Mustered out: 
  Discharged: 19 Jul 1865 at Edgefield, Tennessee
GAR membership
  Post name: Pitzer Date joined: 06 Jun 1925
  Post No.: 55 (S) Age at joining: 78
  Place: Winterset Transfers: 
Sources: Des Moines Register 10 Jan 1939; Roster Wisconsin: Res. Concord; War Dept. Ja '39 "Enl. at Farmington, Wis.; Nora Snow, sister-in-law, Earlham, Iowa, 01 Apr '30; Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: Van Meter

1. Civil War - XC-2 573 213

2. Battles: Wheeler & Forest at Franklin, Tennessee; Wilson raid.

3. Voted for A. Lincoln on 1st ballot cast.

4. Des Moines Register 10 Jan 1939: Services for Aaron E. Cleveland, 92, last civil war veteran in Madison County are to be at Earlham, Iowa Presbyterian Church.

5. War Department, Jan 1939: After service lived at Farmington, Wisconsin; Straw, Montana; Two Dot, Montana; and Earlham, Iowa. Born Humphrey New York. Engaged in carpentry, logging, railroad section foreman, farming and quarry. Was constable at Earlham, Iowa, 1900; at Straw, Montana, 1917-1918. Second wife, Ella Cleveland died 16 Feb 1941 at Iowa Soldiers' Home, Marshalltown. She had been in ISH home since 16 Aug 1940.

6. Mrs. Nora Snow of Earlham, sister of 2nd wife of Aaron E. Cleveland was with veteran and her sister frequently - gave his full name Aaron Erastus. Her father, John W. Lee, was also a veteran buried at Orange City, Iowa. Her sister, Margaret Ellen Lee Carroll Cleveland died 1941.


Transcribed by Kent G. Transier 19 Sep 2005.