Some of these histories of cemeteries of Madison County were originally published in the Winterset Madisonian newspaper on August 26, 1953, July 1956 and July 18, 1958. They have been transcribed and posted with the permission of Ted Gorman, owner of the Winterset Madisonian newspaper.

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Peru Cemetery

There are two cemeteries in Walnut township, the largest of which is known as the Peru cemetery. It contains about four acres of land, on the hill near where the original town of Peru was located in Section 3. The first part of the cemetery was given by Aaron Hiatt, grandfather of C. M. Hiatt of Peru. The second part from Leslie Hiatt, and the last part from the Weaver estate. According to the records, one of the earliest burials was in 1860, that of Hannah S. Brown, who died May 18, 1860, at the age of 41 years. Calvin S. Hollingsworth died in 1865, and William M. Lytle died December 29, 1862, at the age of 35 years.

Some of the families who had lots in the original section of the cemetery and were buried there in the 1870’s and 1880’s were G. C. Foster, Daniel Baker, Martin C. Travis and Jed Osborn. Other families having lots are the Youngs, Hillmans, Ackelsons, Reeds, Bishops, Fosters, Browns, Sawhills, Harwoods, Emersons and Lorimors. Those having lots in the second addition were the Fenimores, Grimes, Moores, Shearers, Schoenenbergers, Hamms, Travis, Gregorys, Howards and the Kirks. The Spencers, Shearers and Showers have graves in the third addition.  This cemetery is still used and is kept in good condition.


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