Some of these histories of cemeteries of Madison County were originally published in the Winterset Madisonian newspaper on August 26, 1953, July 1956 and July 18, 1958. They have been transcribed and posted with the permission of Ted Gorman, owner of the Winterset Madisonian newspaper.

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Hooten Cemetery

The land for the Hooten cemetery in Section 8 of Lincoln township was given by Joshua Gentry, and recorded February 11, 1882.
The first burial was October 15, 1851, a daughter of W. H. and Sarah Harmon. Others in the Harmon family are buried there also. Other early burials were Thomas Hooten, June 1852, Thomas J. Hooten, 1853, Thomas Howard, 1852, Philinda Howard, 1871 and Eleanor Chastain, 1853, Lovice Bertholf, 1856, Mary Vancil, 1853. Other family plots in Hooten cemetery in addition to the above are the Roys, Longenakers, Gentrys, Grahams and Moores.

Two sons of Harvey Lee, aged 7 and 8 were buried in the cemetery in 1860. Later, Lee township was named after this man, and four of his descendents recently sent donations from far away states to help maintain the cemetery.

The trustees of this cemetery which was started in 1919, are Floyd Reigle, a great-grandson of the original donors of the land, Merritt Baur, Albert Burger, Willis Fletcher and Mrs, E. W. (Georgia) Mueller.


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