Some of these histories of cemeteries of Madison County were originally published in the Winterset Madisonian newspaper on August 26, 1953, July 1956 and July 18, 1958. They have been transcribed and posted with the permission of Ted Gorman, owner of the Winterset Madisonian newspaper.

All cemetery names are linked to their Madison County address.

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Ebenezer Cemetery

The Ebenezer Cemetery, which contains about two acres, is located in Section 13, in Walnut township, and it is thought that it was acquired from J. H. Martin who came here from Ohio.

The earliest tombstones start in 1855, so this is one of the old cemeteries in the county, but it is still in use, and is well maintained.

The inscriptions of these early stones are as follows: James and Mary E. Smith, 1855; William D. McGuire, April 28, 1855, aged 24 years; Joseph Boudish Burdick, died Dec. 31, 1856, at the age of 45 years; James Draper, died May 31, 1863, at the age of 38 years; Andrew Reager, died April 23, 1863, at the age of 71 years, and James Mease, died Oct. 7, 1869, at the age of one year.

The Ebenezer Cemetery apparently had two additions, the last of which was opened up only recently. In the original section, lots were owned by the following families: Hiatt, Yahne, Scott, Simmons, Rawls, Hestwood, Roberts, Jones, Miller and Hindman. The second section contains lots owned by the Beelers, Priests, Ellis, Travis, Atkinsons, Kales, Bryans, Howes and Deardorffs, and the third section by the Beelers, Lyttons , Sawhills and Caudills.

In another article it states: Land in Section 13 of Walnut township was deeded to the trustees for cemetery purposes by Mary Jane Porter, November 7, 1890. (I think this is referring to the same cemetery JLB)
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