Some of these histories of cemeteries of Madison County were originally published in the Winterset Madisonian newspaper on August 26, 1953, July 1956 and July 18, 1958. They have been transcribed and posted with the permission of Ted Gorman, owner of the Winterset Madisonian newspaper.

All cemetery names are linked to their Madison County address.

Bennett Cemetery

The land for the Bennett cemetery in Section 22 of Madison township was given by Jacob Bennett. Mr. Bennett was one of the early settlers in Madison County. He was born in Pennsylvania, and came to this county in 1852. Mr. And Mrs. Bennett had two children who were buried in the cemetery in 1853. They owned approximately 1000 acres of land for which they paid $1.25 per acre. This cemetery has been used by members of the Bennett family and is now full.
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