Some of these histories of cemeteries of Madison County were originally published in the Winterset Madisonian newspaper on August 26, 1953, July 1956 and July 18, 1958. They have been transcribed and posted with the permission of Ted Gorman, owner of the Winterset Madisonian newspaper.

All cemetery names are linked to their Madison County address.


Beem/Beardsley Cemetery

One of the older cemeteries in the county is located in Section 29 of Scott township, on the Tracy farm, and is known by either the name of Beem or Beardsley cemetery. There is no road to this cemetery except through the field. N. M. and Martha Beardsley deeded to M. W. Beem on June 1, 1872, “one acre to be used and occupied by M. M. Beem as a grave yard or place of burial of the dead and for no other or different use or purpose whatever.” Later the land was deeded to the trustees of Scott township by heirs of M. W. Beem in May, 1907. Several members of the Welch, Hartsook, Harrell, Wilkinson and Bowden families are buried there.
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