Barker-Philbrick Cemetery 

In the cemetery section of the "History of Madison County" is the following: "Private Cemetery. Mr. Jeremiah H. Barker and Dr. David H. Philbrick have a private cemetery in a beautiful location on the hill-side just south of the city cemetery. Mr. Barker has two children at rest there and Dr. Philbrick one. The original intention was to have vaults built in the hill-side at this place, which was first used in 1862.  At that time the city cemetery was considered by these gentlemen to be too damp for burial uses, but it has since been so well drained and improved that they will probably remove their dead there and abandon the private cemetery." Coordinator's note: Although Dr. Philbrick and Mr. Barker both died in 1885, Dr. Philbrick is in the Winterset cemetery but neither Jeremiah Barker nor his children appear in those listings so may still be buried on this hillside.

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