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The information contained herein is drawn from cemetery records, newspapers, Madison County vital statistics, county histories, funeral home records, and family submitted data. Birth dates in red font are calculated from year/month/days lived and death date. This data was compiled by Judy Wight Branson.



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Ulery, Harriet C. b. 14 Oct 1850 d. 06 Apr 1947 Roberts (nee Bunce), w/o Rufus G., d/o David & Sarah (Drake)
Ullery, Infant b. 09 Nov 1872 d. 30 Nov 1872 Winterset 21d, child of William W. & Ettie (Barnes)
Ullery, Robbie b. 10 Nov 1876 d. 08 Mar 1877 Winterset 3m 28d, s/o William W. & Ettie (Barnes)
Ulmer, Olive Merdeth b. 13 Jan 1885 d. 13 Jan 1929 Worthington (nee Miller), w/o Norman M., d/o Lawson B. & Arabella M. (Rosenberger)
Umsted, Clyde LeValley b. 06 Nov 1902 d. 26 Dec 1993 Young h/o Lois E. (Orwan), s/o William I. & Stella J. (Le Valley)
Umsted, Donald Keith  b. 14 May 1932 d. 13 Jul 1942 Young

s/o Clyde L. & Lois E. (Orwan)

Umsted, Dwain R. b. 08 Apr 1929 d. 21 Oct 1950 Moon h/o Marilyn (Baker), s/o J. I. Umsted
Umsted, Judd Irwin b. 25 Dec 1896 d. 15 Jan 1969 Winterset h/o Rose L. (Eklund), s/o William I.  & Stella J. (Le Valley)
Umsted, Lois Edna b. 23 Apr 1908 d. 10 Jul 2001 Winterset (nee Orwan), w/o Clyde L., d/o Lewis E. & Edith M. (Greene)
Umsted, Rose Lorene b. 26 Mar 1901 d. 19 Feb 1990 Winterset (Eklund), w/o Judd I., d/o Charles & Jennie (Bard)
Underwood, Emerson b. 28 Jan 1889 d. 28 Oct 1890 Penn Center 1y 9m, s/o J. N. & A. A. (Unknown)
Underwood, Floyd V. b. 25 Nov 1917 d. 20 Jun 1995 Winterset h/o Marnorie J. (Shoemaker), s/o Merle J. & Alma G. (Dietz)
Unknown Man (No name) b. no date d. 25 May 1911 Blair Chapel probably killed by train
Unknown, M. D. b. no date d. no date St. Patrick's unmarked grave
Unknown, Teddy b. no date d. 1893 Close

no further information 

Unknown, Teenager Male b. ca 1885 d. 00 Feb 1900 Unknown died at MC Poor Farm, runaway from near Algona, Kossuth, Iowa
Updegraff, Josiah R. b. 23 Dec 1943 d. 04 Feb 2011 Pleasant Grove h/o Jennifer (Gee), Netta (McBroom), s/o Curtis & Viola (Crampton) - Sigourney, Ia.
Urquhart, Elizabeth b. 09 Apr 1842 d. 12 Feb 1924 Earlham

(nee Unknown), w/o David 

Urquhart, John b. 14 Sep 1872 d. 17 May 1962 Earlham

s/o David & Elizabeth (Unknown) 

Usher, Ada B. b. 28 Jul 1868 d. 27 Jul 1873 North Branch d/o Marcus D. & Catherine (Meek)
Ussery, Elsie Nora b. 14 May 1894 d. 15 May 1944 Montpelier (nee Breech), w/o John A., d/o John & Nancy (Agee)
Ussery, John Albert b. 28 Apr 1898 d. 06 Sep 1979 Montpelier h/o Elsie N. (Breech), s/o Samuel K. & Sarah J. (Owens)
Utsler, Alcy Marie b. 11 Oct 1907 d. 14 Dec 1998 Winterset (nee Roberts), w/o Elmer L., d/o George W. & Marie S. (Niendorf)
Utsler, Anna Iola b. 12 Jan 1912 d. 05 Nov 2010 Winterset (nee Howard), w/o Joe H., d/o Thomas & Anna (Howard)
Utsler, Charles Wilbur b. 01 May 1875 d. 20 Nov 1926 Winterset h/o Lillie M. (Harrell), s/o Hanibal M. & Lucinda E. (Bishop)
Utsler, Harriet Louise b. 28 Nov 1924 d. 30 Dec 1948 Winterset (nee Lewis), w/o Merl S., d/o Thomas
Utsler, Joe Hannebal b. 01 May 1911 d. 10 Sep 2000 Winterset h/o Anne I. (Howard), s/o Charles & Maude (Harrell)
Utsler, Wilbur Calvin (Bill) b. 22 Jul 1932 d. 19 Jun 2010 San Diego, Ca. h/o Ruth (Southwick), s/o John & Lela (Smith)
Utter, Emiline b. ca 1835 d. 03 Aug 1897 Primitive Baptist 62y, (nee Palmer), w/o Henry L.
Utter, Martha Ann b. 21 Jan 1836 d. 18 Jun 1919 King (nee Fenimore), w/o John Ogburn, Henry L. Utter, d/o Stephen & Jane (McAllister) - unmarked grave
Utterback, Leona S. b. 07 Mar 1863 d. 27 Oct 1941 Earlham (nee Rodman),2nd w/o Oscar T., d/o James R. & Catherine (Milligan)
Utterback, Oscar Terhune b. 18 Sep 1850 d. 15 Mar 1939 Earlham h/o Caltha E. (Allison), Leona S. (Rodman), s/o Fielden & Sarah T. (Terhune)


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