Jewel Tea dishes are pure Americana! How many of you folks remember the Jewel Tea line of dishes that ran the complete gamut of service sets and all of the side pieces, including probably the most famous and durable of all, the pitcher pictured at the right?

In 1899 most people bought their coffee at the grocery store from a large bin or barrel. This obviously was not freshly roasted coffee. A man by the name of Frank Skiff had a horse, a buggy, $700.00, and an idea. He would go door to door and sell fresh-roasted coffee to the housewives. It was a hit; they liked the idea and that laid the foundation for the Jewel Tea Company.

In 1901, he was joined by his brother-in-law, Frank Ross. The two personalities jelled and the Jewel Tea Company was born.

We have a fine display of china and old dishes lacking Jewel Tea dishes. If any of our readers have Jewel Tea dishes that they would like to give to the Lyon County Historical Society for display purposes and as a memorial to their family we would appreciate it.

Provided by Evelyn Halverson
Transcribed by Roseanna Zehner

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