Donna (Wilken) Horsfall

The March Lyon County Newsletter is dedicated to my younger sister, Donna,
who passed away January 10, 2005.

Gone are the days of our childhood,

But memories linger on.

Together we grew to adulthood,

It's hard to realize that you are gone.

That is life as it may be,

Memories bring so many tears;

Time quickly passing, as we see,

I'm thankful for the many happy years.

You gave your love, as only a sister can,

I hold the memories within my heart.

I hold your picture in my hand;

Death came so suddenly to tear us apart!


Donna was a member of the Rock Rapids High School graduation class of 1944.  She attended the University of Iowa.  She taught elementary school for several years.  She married Robert Horsffall in 1950 and was the mother of two daughters and one son.  When Bob retired from his job as superintendent of schools at Webster City, Iowa, they moved to Florida to make their home at Plant City.  Donna died suddenly on January 10.  She was an energetic, outgoing gal who enjoyed life, her grandchildren, and people in general.  She was a long-time member of the Lyon County Historical Society even though she didn't live here; she also enjoyed keeping up on the events going on in the area and enjoyed her visits back here, particularly during Heritage Days and for class reunions!  How she loved those class reunions! I miss her!


Written by Evelyn Halverson

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