This event happened in 1912, and has been a source of laughter ever since.  This is how it was told by the Ellsworth News that year:

"Ben Korf had John Dykhouse arrested for threatening to shoot him and several other people.  It seems that the trustees of Midland and Liberal townships decided that a hedge along the road on the north side of Mr. Dykhouse's farm should be cut down and they proceeded to have it done.  Mr. Dykhouse objected, but the cutting did not stop until he went to his house and procured a gun.  While the gun was not loaded, no one but Mr. Dykhouse knew it, and had the desired effect.  Before the warrant was served, Mr. Dykhouse appeared before Justice Monlux, who had issued the warrant and gave bond for his appearance in court.  In the meantine he will procure an injunction from removing the hedge until the matter is settled in court.

"The trial of John Dykhouse was had Monday before Justice Overmire, a change of venue having taken it from the court of Justice Monlux.  The evidence elicited the facts that the trustees of Midland Township wanted to cut down a hedge belonging to Mr. Dykhouse, which was a few feet in the road.  The hedge had been there for nearly 30 years and was the main windbreak for the buildings on Mr. Dykhouse's farm and he did not want it destroyed.  The trustees know this.  These officials hired a crew of men to cut the hedge.  Mr. Dykhouse declared that it was the intention to begin so early in the morning that the job would be done before he was up.  But John is always awake when their is anything doing, and about 6 a.m. got up to see what was going on.  As the men would not stop when he told them, on the advice of his attorney, C.J. Miller, he procured an unloaded shotgun and made signs of war, and those who were engaged in the cutting fled and had him arrested.  After the evidence, Justice Overmire placed Mr. Dykhouse under bond to preserve the peace and quiet of the community until the September term of court.  Since the arrest of Mr. Dykhouse, he has procured a temporary injunction against the trustees of Midland Township, restraining them from cutting down the hedge, and the matter will be settled at the September term of court.

"Mr. Dykhouse is one of the most peaceable men in the county, but he believed his rights were being trampled on, and took the only means at hand to prevent the cutting down of his hedge until the courts had an opportunity to decide the question.  There will be no more trouble about the hedge, as Mr. Dykhouse is willing to abide by the decision of the court."


Submitted by Gary Boomgaarden

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