Louis Vogt

Louis Vogt at present engaged the practice of law at George, Iowa, was born at Rockton, Illinois, January 3, 1870, and is, therefore, but 29 years of age. As his name would indicate, he is a German, his parents both being descendants of honored members of that sturdy race. When 4 years old he came to Iowa with his parents, who settled at Shell Rock in Butler County. Later they removed to Sanborn, O'Brien County, where the boyhood days of Mr. Vogt were passed.

He commenced business for himself at the age of 11, as boot-black, which was continued, in connection with his school work, for three years; also acted as messenger boy and did any and all odd jobs which he could find to do. By this means he was enabled to enter the Northern Iowa Normal School at Algona, when 16, where he remained one year. He then secured a position as brakeman on the railroad, and for two years served in that dangerous and arduous work. He later learned the printer's trade, and when 19 years of age, conducted a weekly newspaper at Lake City, Colorado.

His knowledge of typesetting served him well in later years, for it was by working spare hours in a printing office that he paid his way through one of the leading law schools of the country. We have reference to the Northern Indiana School of Law, at Valparaiso, from which he graduated June 3, 1891. During his class days he was a member of the Star Literary society, taking an active part in the debates and entertainments of that organization. In 1891, he commenced the practice of law at Clarkes, Nebraska, but later went to Silver Creek, Nebraska, and in the fall of 1892 returned to Iowa and engaged in the newspaper business at Sanborn, where he established the Sanborn Sun. In 1894, however, he resumed the practice of law at George, where he has built up a lucrative practice.

Politically, Mr. Vogt is, and has ever been, a democrat. He was a candidate for county attorney of Merrick County, Nebraska, on that ticket in 1892, and ran for the same office in Lyon County, Iowa, in 1896, but was defeated in both instances because of the decided republican strength in those counties. He was married to Miss Jennie McKeever, of Sanborn, June 3, 1896.

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