A Bit of History from Iowa

Translated from

“Nordmændene i Amerika”

by Martin Ulvestad. 1907

Halvor Nilsen from Hallingdal was the first Norwegian in this county. He came from Clayton Co., Ia. and settled at Beloit in 1867. A little later came Arne Helgesen from Aal, Hallingdal, Hans Naglestad from Heggebostad, Peder Korstad from Valders, as well as Ole Nelson†, Simon Birkeland† and Aanen Syvertson. The latter ones settled in the area of Inwood and Larchwood Sod homes and log cabins were their first residences and wheat growing their most important source of income. But in the first three years they did not have much for sale, because of grasshoppers and drought destroyed almost everything. The oldest living Norwegian in the Beloit area is Christian Jensen, who settled here in 1870. He is from Gran, Hadeland.

There are three Norwegian churches and seven congregations in the county, five belong to The United Church, one to The Norwegian Synod and one to The Lutheran Free church.

There was once a post office by the name Krogness in this county.

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