Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines
Living in Lyon County - 1886

Prepared by William L. Alexander, Adjutant-General


Name Present Post Office Company Rank Position
Chatfield, M.M Rock Rapids B Private 1st Calvary
Stoops, George W. Rock Rapids M Private  
Canfield, G.P. Rock Rapids D Corporal 2nd Calvary
Leddick, Jacob Lester B Private 4th Calvary
Schuler, Joseph Lester B Private  
Richards, John Lester G Private 5th Calvary
Monlux, George Rock Rapids I Sergeant 8th Calvary
Poquette, Ezra Little Rock --- Private 4th Battery
Cummings, A.S. Lester A Private 1st Infantry
Johnson, Ole Rock Rapids C Private 3rd Infantry
Walton, B.F. Little Rock B Sergeant 4th Infantry
Brown A.H. Larchwood A Private 5th Infantry
Richards, John Lester A Private  
McLaren, G.W. Rock Rapids D Corporal 8th Infantry
Adams, Nelson Lester C Private 9th Infantry
Monroe, Samuel Lester C Private  
Willey, Wm. Lester C Private  
Green, William H. Little Rock E Private 11th Infantry
Cook, Charles Lester E Private 12th Infantry
Perry, A.B. Lester E Corporal  
Gardner, W.W. Rock Rapids C Private 13th Infantry
Shively, S.A. Rock Rapids B Private 14th Infantry
Thompson, J.K.P. Rock Rapids D Musician 21st Infantry
Thompson, Z.M. Rock Rapids D Musician
Wood, George C. Rock Rapids --- Hospital Steward 27th Infantry
Brunn, C. Lester C Private 31st Infantry
Schwartz, Joseph Lester A Private  
Conklin, H.E. Rock Rapids C Private 44th Infantry
Young, P.C. Rock Rapids B Hospital Steward 48th Infantry

Provided and Transcribed by Roseanna Zehner