by Gracia Bootsma


October  1904

Henry Kuhrt put into operation for the first time on Monday the gasoline engine which works his new meat chopper.

Rasmus Olson sold three young steers to a cattle dealer at Rock Rapids. He drove the animals up to their new home. On Tuesday evening he went into his yard and found one of the steers had walked twenty-two miles home.

Several attempts are being made to rid the school house of flies.

The boys from Lake Park have shipped 2,500 frog legs this season and find the industry a very profitable one.

The interest of the Anti Saloon league will be represented here for the first time next Friday evening by G.R. Malone who holds a prominent place in the state organization. Everyone in town who is interested in the suppression of the saloon and its evils should hear Mr. Malone at the M.E. Church on Friday.

The boys at school have been playing football for the past week. On account of the revival of football, the interest in boxing has decreased.

New subscribers to the Inwood Telephone Co. this week are A. Tweedt, residnce, 76; Ed Lyon, residence, 77; Albert Chraft, residence, 78; Chas. Foote, residence, 79; Henry Bahnson, dray office, 80.

The Inwood rural mail carriers, in order to be as comfortable as possible this winter, will have stoves in their wagons. This is a very proper idea, surely.


October 1914

Confirmation classes at Our Savior's and Bethlehem Lutheran churches were held Sunday. Those who made confirmation at Our Savior's were Bennie Hefte, Clarence Nelson, Arthur Ugland, Stanley Medalen, Karl Monen, Selmer Swenson, Herman Nelson, Irene Hefte, Irine Anderson, Siala Kruger, Mydia Stensland, Tilda Bergeson, Paula Stykke, Tilda Nagelstad and Myrtle Knudson. Confirmation class at Bethlehem include Sigward Severson, Arthur Sivesind, Ingval Rinden, Harry Moen, Ernest Anderson, Elmer Snartemo, Arly Olson, Alvin Halstenson, Selmer Helger-son, Ruth Swenson, Fern Hanson, Lydia Jacobsen, Laura Medalen, Eveline Hoff and Esther Hemness.

The political boiling pot will be at the boiling point from now on until after the election.

Mrs. Matilda Bahnson was given a delightful surprise, the occasion being in honor of her seventy-fifth birthday.

A red light camp consisting of two females and an "it" that was temporarily established near the railway tool house one night the past week is said to have done a flourishing business and had many callers. Inwood had better take a tumble to herself, she is getting in a bad way. The churches are not reaching the youth and young manhood of the community. Several things unmistakenable point to the fact that men are being led astray.

If you have never seen the passion play depicted in pictures and the interesting account that goes with it, be sure and be at the Presbyterian church tomorrow night.

Last Friday night the L.T.A. Club was entertained by John Serck and sisters. The meeting was called to order at 8:30. The following program was rendered. Piano solo: Emma Helder; Situation of the War in Europe: Draper Helder; Club Newspaper: Fred Hanson. After the meeting the president appointed a commttee to prepare for the annual Halloween party. At 11:30 a dainty supper of ice cream and cake was served.


October  1924

Ex-Senator R.F. Pettigrew will speak out for Senator LaFollette at the Lyon Theatre in Rock Rapids.

L.M. Foote and G. Schmidt made a business trip to Rock Rapids Saturday. They had an extra and unexpected thrill while there. A gentleman turned around in front of them and somewhat damaged Mr. Foote's car. The other party took the blame and supplied Mr. Foote with the needed services.

The firm of A. Brown & Son have added a new member to the firm and we expect he will be a very important to the Firm. He doesn't know whether he is to be called Delbert Jr., or not, but he is the firstborn to Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Brown.

Mrs. A.A. Anderson of Whittier, California, was in town visiting her friends. Mrs. Anderson is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Prichard and was the first baby girl born of white parents in this community.

T.T. Thompson, superintendent of the Beloit Orphanage, announced the Orphans' Festival will be held at the Beloit home on Sunday. There will be several church choirs singing, several guest speakers and a picnic dinner. It would be appreciated if the many friends of the home would bring "gifts of nature" such as clothing, shoes, preserves and the like.

Weigold & Norby's First Annual Anniversary Sale in Inwood will be held the next ten days. We will take your chickens and eggs at top prices this week. Flour, sugar, raisins, prunes, leather vest, overcoats, fancy percales, flannels and challis are all on sale! No fake prices as you sometimes see advertised.


October  1934

The Bethlehem Lutheran church discovered that they were robbed. Money missing from the birthday offerings were discovered Sunday. Last week the Christian Reformed church was robbed.

Clarence Buckenberg, farm hand who lives near Klondike, goes to work each day near Canton with his homemade airplane. Clarence made and assembled the airplane with his own hands. He used salvaged parts from a wrecked plane; the motor was originally in an old Overland automobile. He never had any flying lessons, but the man seems to know his business.

Funeral services were held for Frank Leffler, 65, retired Inwood merchant.

At the junior high level at school they have generally gained weight this month which is a sign of good health; however, we have a couple who need to drink a little more milk and get to bed a little earlier for they did not gain the necessary weight.

A hospital has been built in Callander, Ontario, where the Dionne quituplets are now cared for by three nurses under the charge of Dr. A.R. Dafoe.

Three men with a machine gun held up the First National Bank in Hawarden and escaped with $1,500 and three hostages. They released the hostages outside of town.

Louis Kock received only a broken rib after being run over by a tractor and disc.


Permission granted from Jodie Hoogendoorn, editor, Lyon County Reporter

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