by Gracia Bootsma


June  1904

One of the beautiful box elder trees in front of A. Chraft's feed store on Main Street was sacrificed this week in order to give more room for the new walk. It seemed a pity to see it cut down just as it was getting to be a real ornament, but it had to go.

Grandpa Close had a mess of new potatoes out of his garden this Friday morning. Despite his four score years, Mr. Close is a very successful man at raising a garden.

Volkart Bros. opened their store for business this week. A complete new stock of dry goods and groceries will arrive next week.

The Norwegian school which has been in session at the Lutheran church for the entire month closed yesterday. There was an enrollment of 4 pupils who were being instructed in the Norwegian language.


June 1914

Three young swains of Fairview who thought two dollars for a day of plowing corn was too small, robbed the pool hall at Fairview. Something over nine dollars was secured. Tracks in the mud were the clue and the sweating process procured confessions from the youths.

Little Louva Adams was playing at the drug store this morning and took some fire crackers home with her. Among them were some large torpedoes which she took without Mr. Adams' knowledge. While chewing on them, the torpedo exploded, due to the friction. She was cut in four to five places as well as the gums. Her injuries were painful and of a rather different type.

Dewy Weberg arrived on Wednesday evening in his Ford car from Long Beach, Ca., having, we understand, made the entire trip alone.

June  1924

There was another "little twister," or wind storm on Tuesday of short duration, but which did some damage at the Lamb road camp. The cook tent was blown down and the center pole inflicted a severe scalp wound on Mrs. Stanton, the cook.

Christian Leivestad has changed his occupation from clerk at Sutton Furniture to plumber's assistant. Gordon Howe now keeps the furniture polished at Sutton's.

Walter Redmayne is the new solicitor conducting a home to home sales for the Inwood Home Bakery.

For the first time in 36 years, Mrs. Ebert Rinden will visit her sister living in New York.

A horseshoe game will be held at the Elite Cafe's new electrically lighted courts. Sixteen men will be there pitching dobbin's slippers for your amusement. No admission will be charged.


June  1934

Chester Thompson and Inga Skjeggestad were married June 20. Ervin Monen and Regina Buckenberg were married June 19.

Pioneer Blacksmith of Inwood, J.S. Johnson, 83, was buried on Wednesday. Mr. Johnson started blacksmithing at the age of 11 and retired last year.

Sheriff J.J. McGuire has a Thompson sub-machine gun purchased by the Board of Supervisors. It shoots 600 45-calibre bullets in a minute.

The members of the Dandy Lyon club met at the home of Gertrude Meendering on Monday evening. The meeting was called to order by the president. Roll call was answered by suggestions for our club. Lilly Mydland gave a talk on "A Formal Business Meeting." Lois Helder gave a talk "Be Good to Your Feet." Violet Larson gave a demonstration on "How to Sew on Buttons, Hooks, Eyes and Snaps." At the close of the meeting a very delicious lunch was served.

Here's what every American soldier carried with him when he hit the beach head on Invasion Day. The 24-ration included a packet of compressed meat, two meat cubes, two packages of oatmeal, 10 crackers, one package each of tea, dried milk, salt, three bars of chocolate, four cubes of sugar, 24 fruit candies and two packs of chewing gum and a can of solid alcohol for cooking.

Permission granted from Jodie Hoogendoorn, editor, Lyon County Reporter

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