Ancient News
from the Lyon County Reporter


June 1884

A grand success. That is what we can safely say of our Rock Rapids brickyard. Every step in the making of the brick indicated as much, but now that the experiment has been made, it is no longer conjecture.

Quite a coincidence. The first car load of freight into Rock Rapids was brick for the Lyon County Bank. First brick made in Rock Rapids was for the First National Bank. Tally one for the banks.

June 1894

The Inwood Herald hears there is a move on foot to connect the towns of Lyon and Sioux counties by telephone. A system in this county would be a great convenience and ought to pay.

A man who goes to see a girl twice a week and takes her to places is legally engaged to her, according to a recent decision, were he says anything to her about marriage or not and she could sue for breach of promise. If this rule obtains in Iowa, it ought to stimulate business either for the ministers or the lawyers.

June 1904

Mrs. G.W. Houts does shampooing and makes all kinds of hair jewelry and switches.

Ninety-seven of the laws which the last general assembly passed will go into effect July 4. Among them are: The act of limiting automobile speed to 20 miles an hour in the country, a law prohibiting the docking of horses' tails, and a law providing drastic punishment for the posting of tobacco and liquor advertisements within 400 feet of a school house.

June 1914

The Klondike bridge, the building of which the state highway commission had so much to say sending, their field engineers and other engineers here to look after it, is found to be several feet too low. The abutments have been completed and the recent high water covered them nearly two feet.

Charles Libby has had a 500-gallon tank put on his auto truck and recently he made a record of service that can not be duplicated by every servant of the Standard Oil Co. Tuesday, he delivered three loads of oil to patrons of this city and made two trips to Larchwood on the same day. He says it was about three days' work to do the same trick with horses for motor power.

June 1924

The Iowa State Lodge of Sons of Herman, meeting in biennial convention in Sioux City last week, favored Rock Rapids for the 1926 convention and, if it is held here as now seems likely, it will attract hundreds of prominent German-Americans from all over the state.

Mr. M.G. Allbright, president of the Rock Rapids Kiwanis Club, returned Sunday from Denver where he attended the Kiwanis International convention as a delegate from Rock Rapids.

June 1934

Gas prices moved upward Monday, to a level 3 cents higher than they've been for some time here. Local dealers say the NRA has nothing to do with the advance – rather it was the necessity for making a profit rather than taking a loss. Competition brands of gas sell for 17.1 cents per gallon and the standard grades for 18.6, tax paid.

Lyon County has little possibility of securing a state liquor store for several months, possibly not before 1935.

A group of World War veterans from the federal camp at Hawarden are to be sent to Lyon County within the next few weeks for a long-contemplated improvement program at Gitchie Manitou State Park. They will undertake three principal projects – the erection of a natural stone cabin, the graveling of park trails and the sinking of a well.

Permission from Jodie Hoogendoorn, Editor, Lyon County Reporter

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