Here And There

May 21, 1891

Ed SOLUMN left Monday morning for Spirit Lake.

Attorney PARSON, of Rock Rapids, was in town on Tuesday.

Al BOWERS of Doon, was doing business in Alvord, last Monday.

Harry WILCOX, of Doon, visited with his brother Will, last Sunday.

Our school will soon commence, with M.J. MCMULLEN at the wheel.

R. AMES neat and cozy residence, west of the depot, is almost completed.

Recorder WOLD was down from the Rapids, Monday, interviewing some of our citizens.

Will WILCOX pet bird died recently and he has sent it to Hull to be stuffed and mounted.

Joe KREBER, of Rock Valley, was looking up old friends here, on Tuesday.

John STIENHIBER, of Inwood, was here Monday canvassing in the interest of his well auger.

Andrew EVERSON, formerly of Inwood, but now of Ashton and Geo. PERRIGO, spent Sunday in Alvord.

Two car loads of lumber arrived for the new elevator, of which Mr. AMES is proprietor, on Tuesday.

Banker ELLIS is almost ready to commence business, and he can boast of having one of the finest banks in Lyon Co.

Will SNYDER our rustling plaster is just aligning mortar by the armfulls, but still can't keep up to the jobs that are waiting for him.

P. REYNOLDS, of George, visited with MCMULLEN Bros. last Sunday.  Pat is a rustling young blacksmith and well liked at George.

Our blacksmith KREBER is kept busy this week fixing up breaking plows.  Mr. K. is a first-class workman and the farmers appreciate his work..

Mrs. AMES will commence the erection of a commodious residence in the near future.  The building will be 26x28.  WELLENDORF & WERTHMANN will do the work.

Messrs. AMES & PERRY of Sioux Center will build a large elevator north of the depot.  John NEWELL of Hull has taken the contract and will commence work next Monday.

The Alvord Bank is a dandy and no mistake.  This bank has fine a set of furniture, vault and safe as any banking house in the west.  The building is 22x44 and 24 feet high, with heavy plate glass front, and will cost its owners, when completed, about $5,000.  A few more such enterprising men as Mr. ELLIS would make a town boom.

A stock company is figuring on a bill of lumber for the erection of a town hall which will be 30x50 feet and is to be erected as soon as satisfactory arrangements are made.  Our citizens are enterprise from the feet up.

Ed BOYD, our worthy butcher, has sold his half interest, in the shop to his brother, G.M. BOYD, who will hereafter cater to the wants of the people.  Ed took his departure Monday, for Spirit Lake where he will be engaged at carpentry.

WELLENDORF & WERTHMANN'S 22x64 furniture store is about completed and will be occupied by a large stock of furniture.  These gentlemen came from Ransen about two months ago and show their faith in our village by building a good substantial two story building.

Rev. H.W. MERCER, who will soon move to Doon from Eastern Iowa, is expected to preach here every alternate Sunday.  Those who know the reverend gentleman speak of him as being an able minister.  For the present, services will be conducted on the second floor of the bank building.

The pleasure seeking people of our burg enjoyed themselves hugely, last Saturday evening, by assembling at WELLENDORF & WORTHMANN'S hall for a social dance.  The party broke up about 4 o'clock and was pronounced the most enjoyable event of the season.  Music was furnished by the Alvord String Band.

Joe SCHNEE is treating his fine new hotel and barn to a coat of paint.

May 28, 1891

Father DOLLAR, of Rock Rapids, was here last Monday.

B.H. GOSS, of Inwood, was seeing the sights here Monday.

Richard STABEN will commence the erection of the town hall next week.

Will WILCOX is doing some tin work on MCMULLEN'S house west of town.

J.D. MCCULLOUGH, of Lester, was doing some trading here, Monday.

Mesdames WILCOX and ANDERSON, of Doon, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. WILCOX, Sunday last.

A. SMITH, of Sioux Center, was putting up a sample of a new patent wire fence here last Monday.

Jno. NEWELL and his gang of workmen arrived Monday and have AMES and PERRY'S new elevator well under way.

Joseph SCHNEE is having some artistic painting done on his hotel porch.  Joe believes in having everything up in style.

The Sioux City & Northern will probably arrange to put on a Spirit Lake train soon.  The first train will run about the first of June.

The large amount of freight unloaded at the depot every day, is good evidence that our merchants have great faith in a big crop this year.

Mr. W. WILCOX was transacting business in Hull on Saturday last.  It is located at Alvord, and is doing a lucrative hardware business.

Will WILCOX received a brand new set of tiner's tools Tuesday.  Will is a first-class workman, and well deserves the good patronage he is enjoying.

Fred BOISEN is hauling lumber from HOLTHAUS & HABERGER'S yard for the erection of a large dwelling house on the farm.  The building will be 16x26 with a wing of 16x16 feet.

June 4, 1891

Mrs. AMES new house is well under way.

WILCOX sold eighteen screen doors one day last week.

WELLENDORF & WERTHMANN are now comfortably located in their new store.

Will WILCOX was batching it a few days last week.  Mrs. W. was visiting in Doon.

Will SINDER, of Alvord, has been spending the week in this city

Station agent HATCH reports a big traffic on the Northern, both passenger and freight.

C.N. HATCH, is another name enrolled on our subscription book as a HERALD subscriber.

E.W. ELLIS'S painters failed to put in an appearance last week, but are expected this week.

Joe HABEGER brings home a load of pickerel daily.  Joe seems to exercise some claim over the tinny tribe.

Wm. PAULSEN is laying the foundation for August SCHEMMEL'S new residence southwest of here.

Dan MCMULLEN says he knows it pays to advertise in the HERALD.  Sure enough Dan knew what he was talking about when he made such a remark.

Ed MCMULLEN was hauling some lumber from town last week.  He intends to move his barn to a more convenience of place, than where it now stands.

Hank WARD was feeling the whiskers of our male citizens Saturday.  Hand can do it up in style and will make it a point to accommodate the boys every Saturday.

June 11, 1891

Frank RHULAND is visiting in LeMars this week.

Mrs. L. AMES visited in Sioux Centre, Sunday last.

E.W. ELLIS' long looked for painters have arrived.

Will SNYDER worshiped the Sabbath in Rock Valley.

R. AMES and wife attended the races at Sioux City, one day last week.

Aug. TILLMAN, of Sioux City, has been installed as section foreman at this place.

Tom CLEARLY has purchased lots and will commence the erection of a residence soon.

J.G. HATCH, of Bridgwater, S.D., is visiting here with his son, C.N. HATCH for a few days.

Jno. PERRY took advantage of the low rates on the Northern, and took in the races at Sioux City.

A gentleman from Rock Rapids has purchased G.M. BOY'S butcher shop and tools, and has taken possession.

Messrs. WATERS, HENRY and MEARA have returned from Granite, where they have been turning the sod for the past six weeks.

Frank HATCH and wife and Miss BOGGESS, drove over from Rock Valley, last Friday, and were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C.N. HATCH.

J.R. GREEN, while umpiring a game of ball, had the misfortune of being struck with the ball, making a very ugly gash under the eye.  He says baseballs are hard when they come in contact with the face.

Miss Maggie HOPPENJAUST, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. P. VENNER, left for Sioux City, last week, where she will visit her sister, Mrs. H. VENNER for a few days, before returning to her home in Wis.

A bill poster for SELLS Bros. circus, was in town one day last week.  He had quite a crowd of spectators, while posting as he was an expert with the brush.  The circus will be in Sioux City on June 20, and in Alvord a few days after.

June 18, 1891

Al BOWERS drive up from Doon, Tuesday.

Joe SCHNEE was a Sioux City visitor, last Sunday.

Nels OLSON, the New Home rustler, was in town today.

Alvord will soon have a harness shop and a drug store.

Ed MCMULLEN made a flying trip to Rock Rapids, Monday.

Ed MARTIN shouldered his grip and slid down the road one night last week.

The new elevator is completed and the boys took their Friday's train for other parts.

Alvin BUTLER made a trip to Sioux City in search of Alvord's star boarder Monday.

Dan MCMULLEN says that the Alvord nine will be able to join the Western Association next winter.

August TILLMANN, our new section foreman, is now comfortably located here with his family.

Mat. MCMULLEN has turned out to be a traveling salesman.  He is representing a St. Louis cigar firm.

Ed SOLUM and family moves to Spirit Lake this week.  We regret to see Ed go as he is a good workman and citizen.

Richard STABEN has his hall nearly completed, and will hold its first dance next week.  Everybody come out and try the elegant new floor.

Ed MARTIN took his departure between two suns, one day last week.  From here he went to Lester, and when one of his creditors arrived there, was informed by some of Martin's friends that he had departed for Sioux City, although he (Martin) was in town the same night.  On information of the conductor on the train, it was learned that he had went south; whereupon Mr. BUTTLER was deputized constable and followed him to Sioux City.  Those who mourn his lose mostly, as we are, informed are Joseph SCHNEE, UMHOEFER Bros. and a wholesale liquor firm, in all amounting to about $40.

June 25, 1891

Alvord will celebrate the 4th of July.  $150 has been raised to carry on the celebration.  This program will consist of canon salute at sun rise, foot race, wheelbarrow race, grease pig race, sack race, fat man race, grand rag muffin parade, baseball and numerous other sports, ending in a grand display of fireworks.  B.H. PERKINS will be orator of the day.  A fine brass band has been engaged to discourse the music.  Dance at STABIN'S hall day and evening.  Ice cream, lemonade and other refreshments in abundance.

All the neighboring towns which do not intend to celebrate, are invited to come to Alvord on the Fourth.  A good time is guaranteed and there will be enough variety of amusements to satisfy anyone.  The following committees are appointed.

On amusements:  D.E. MCMULLEN, Joe UMHOEFER and Wm. BARRON.
Barney HOULSHUIS, president of the day.
Al BUTTLER, marshall of the day.

Mr. and Mrs. AMES Sundayed at Sioux Centre, their former home.

M.J. MCMULLEN and sisters Annie and Rose spent Sunday with friends at Doon.

J. R. GREEN goes to work for J.D. SPAIN this week.  The boys will miss him in town.

Miss Jessie BOGGENS, of Rock Valley, is spending the week with friends here.

J.C. KENNEDY and family, of Doon, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Will WILCOX last Friday.

A brother and sister of the UMHOEFER Bros., and a sister of Mrs. SCHNEE are visiting here at present.

Mrs. C.N. HATCH has returned home, after a pleasant visit with friends and relatives at her former home.

R. STABIN, Chas BIERKAMP and C. SCHAVER, made a business trip to Manley, Minn., last week Thursday.

Leo KREBER, our worthy blacksmith, reports everything quiet in his line of trade, but then Leo needs a little rest. 

Master Hans KELLIHAN (Peek's Bad Boy) has returned to our town.  The merchants look for lively times, for Hans will play tricks.

Jack SPAIN, of Dingley, Clinton county is visiting his son Johnny, west of town.  Mr. SPAIN is one of Clinton Co's prosperous farmers.  He thinks small grain here is much ahead of them while the corn is just the reverse.

John KNEWELL & Son have completed their work at Alvord.  John says that a large amount of business is transacted daily there, and that the town has one of the best hotels on the S.C. & N. road, and that a more accommodating landlord than the proprietor, Joseph SCHNEE, cannot be found in a week's travel.

July 2, 1891

Dan MCMULLEN was out of town last Friday.

Joe UMHOEFER is putting up his time manufacturing Daisy Washing machines.

E.W. ELLIS took Friday evening's train for Sioux City, where he went on business.

Will WILCOX was putting on some water spouts for Mr. MCMULLEN west of town, last Friday.

WELLENDORF & WORTHMAN received a large stock of window curtains which they are selling cheap.

We failed to mention last week that Ole EVERSON, Hans PERRIGO and Knut DECELLE, of Inwood, made Alvord a pleasant visit

July 9, 1891

J.P. SPAIN went to Rock Rapids on Wednesday.

Al SEFELT was a passenger to Sioux City, last week Thursday.

P. STEIN is selling wagon loads of binding twine, he also disposed of quite a few binders.

Our genial banker, E.W. ELLIS, spent the Fourth at his old home in Peterson, Clay County, Iowa.

Rev. Father DULLARD celebrated mass here on last Sunday.  Work will soon be commenced on the church.

You can now prepare to die, WELLENDORF & WERTHMANN have just received a large stock of undertaking goods.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe SCHNEE, our obliging hotel proprietor, and wife, gave their friends a treat to ice cream and lemonade on Sunday afternoon.

Will WILCOX made a flying trip to Doon on Tuesday.  He went down to fix up a binder that the Doon men couldn't fix.  Will is a rustler and the people know it.

The people in and around Alvord extend their thanks and best wishes to B.H. PERKINS, for his fine worded address on July the 4th, and wish him many happy 4ths of July.

The 4th of July has come and gone, and with it one of the biggest crows of people our little burg has ever had on her streets.  The program was carried out to the letter and to everybody's satisfaction.  First, the rag muffin parade, after which Prof. GREEN called the roll and delivered his speech, which was grand.  Every one in this performed their parts to perfection.  Next the oration by B.H. PERKINS, we naturally expected to hear a good sound talk, but Mr. PERKINS surprised us by giving one of the best speeches we ever had the pleasure of listening to on the 4th.  To say he done grand is putting it mildly indeed.  The game of ball was a complete walk away for Garretson.  They had four Sioux City and two Adrian men however.  The foot races both went to Garretson.  The bowery was well conducted and well attended.  The ladies contest for the prize given by Mr. STABIN, was hotly contested indeed.  We did not learn the names of the successful ones.  The ring ride prizes were won by parties near here.  Taking all in all we had one of the best celebrations this part of the county has seen for many years, and everything went off very quiet.  Alvord people are well pleased with their venture, and every one was pleased with Alvord.

July 18, 1891

Prof. GREEN is again with us after an absence of about a week.

J.H. KELLIHAN has left us and gone to Rock Rapids.  We are sorry to loose Mr. K. as he was one of our best citizens.

Peter MULLEN, of Doon, has been awarded the contract to built the Catholic church at this place, for $1,365.  There were four other bids in.

We glean from the Review that our townsman, D.E. MCMULLEN, announces himself as a candidate for Superintendent of schools, subject to the decision of the democratic county convention.  Dan is a good scholar and all around business man, and all our citizens join in wishing him success.

Jno. SUBEORPTZ was lucky enough to have his pocket book with the valuables, which he lost on the 4th, returned to him.  It was a great relief to John when the good news came that Andrew EVERSON, of Inwood, had found it.  Next time John takes his pocket book and valuables to a 4th of July celebration he will leave them at home.

July 23, 1891

Jolly Johnny HUGHES came up from Sioux City Sunday.

M.F. LYON, of Sioux City, was doing our merchants Monday.

H.S. WILLIAMS, of Larchwood, has put in a livery stock at this place.

Jno. KELLIHAN and Doc. MARSH, drive down from Rock Rapids Monday

John KELLIHAN recently sold his store building to Mr. TILLMAN for the neat sum of $800.

Messrs. HARRIS, PERRIGO, EVERSON, SKEWIS, GOSS, and PORTER Bros. were over Sunday to see the "elephant."

C. SEEFELD had four binders running in his field Saturday.  Cust looses no time when he makes a start.

Mr. BARNES, formerly of Doon, now of Sioux City, is here in the interest of the Des Moines Loan and Investment Co.

Mr. HUFFTIE from Hull, has opened up a photograph gallery here and will no doubt, be well patronized, as the Alvordites are all good looking.

G.M. BOYD, the Alvord meat market proprietor, and Joseph SCHNEE, the jolly landlord of the same town, were in the city Sunday

A Mr. DOWNING from Beresford, S.D., was here Monday looking up the chances for a newspaper.  Judging from appearances he is no tyro in that line.

Mr. BURKET, a man who came here from Rock Valley, to force our merchants to start him up in the harness business, got a start in the boot and shoe business and left town Saturday.  Bye bye Burkie.

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