The Siebrands Family

Peter (Pieter) and Wiena Modder Siebrands

Peter Siebrands was born in Neubeerda, Netherlands on June 16, 1864. During the spring of 1884, he came to America and made his home in the neighborhood of Freeport, Illinois. Peter Siebrands had four sisters and two brothers. His sisters were: Theresa (Mrs. Clause Smith), Denna (Mrs. Peter Poppen), Japien (Mrs. Henry Mulder), and Elizabeth (Mrs. Harm Van De Vort). His brothers were William and John Siebrands.

Wiena Modder, who was born in 1864, also came over from the Netherlands. It is to our belief that Peter and Wiena came over from the Netherlands together to be married in the United States. Wiena had two sisters and one brother. Her sisters were: Cenna (Mrs.

Peter, Dick,Wiena, and Harm

Fred Stubbe) and Annie (Mrs. Henry Stubbe). Her brother was Lambert Modder.

Peter Siebrands of Silver Creek, Illinois and Wiena Modder of Silver Creek, Illinois were married on June 19, 1884, at Freeport, Illinois. Their witnesses were Zella Tobias, Margaret Malburn, and William N. Crovkaite. The Justice of Peace was Philip J. Gerb.

Peter and Wiena lived on a farm near Freeport, Illinois, in Silver Creek Township, in Stephenson County. Four children were born to them. Three boys and one girl. They were Dick, Harm, William, and Annie.

In March of 1900, Peter Siebrands signed a Land Contract with Jennie B. Leonard for the South East one-fourth (1/4) of Section No. Twenty-Nine (29) in Township No. Ninety-Nine (99) North Range, Range No. Forty-Four (44) West of the 5th P.M., being in Lyon County, Iowa, containing according to the United States survey, 160 acres more or less, for the sum of Sixty-Four Hundred Dollars and No/100 Dollars ($6,400.00). Peter Siebrands paid Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) down with the remainder for Fifty-Nine Hundred ($5,900.00) due and payable on or before October 7, 1901. Payable to Farmers Saving Back of George, Iowa. Possession to be given on November 1, 1901.

Peter and Wiena Siebrands and their four children moved to their farm place in 1902. They built a nice house and a complete set of farm buildings on this quarter section of land. There was a Homestead Shanty on the place when Peter and Wiena moved to their farm place, which remained there for many years being used as an outside building.

The whole section of which this quarter section of land was part of land that was bought from the United States by the Sioux City, St. Paul Railroad Co. on September 16, 1872. On March 10, 1880, this whole section was sold to Joseph K. Manning for $3,660.00. On April 12, 1884 the East half of the Southeast quarter of the section was sold to Thomas Ferguson. On September 3, 1890 this Southeast quarter section of land was sold to Jennie B. Leonard. Then on October 2, 1901 the land was recorded in the name of Pieter Siebrands and on October 18, 1901 it was also recorded in Wiena Siebrands name.

Wiena (Modder) Siebrands died on September 8, 1907. Peter Siebrands remained on the farm until 1916. He then built a house in the Northwest part of George, Iowa, where he spent the rest of his life. In 1917, he married Antje Laper.

Peter Siebrands was a member of the Hope Reformed Church of Rural George, Iowa. He served the church as a deacon for 17 years. On May 2, 1937 he passed away at that age of 72 years, 11 months, and 26 days.

On March 12, 1940, the Peter Siebrands Estate was recorded to Antje Siebrands 1/3, and Dick, Harm, William, and Annie Hereen 2/3. On April 2, 1940, it was recorded in the names of Dick, Harm, and William, with Annie receiving land in North Dakota. On April 3, 1945, the east eighty acres of this quarter section of land was bought by the oldest son, Dick Siebrands and his wife Trena with the west eighty acres being bought by Albertus Krull and John A. Krull.

Peter Siebrands' second wife, Antje passed away on July 9, 1946 at the age of 82 years, 1 month, and 6 days.

Harm and Julia Siebrands and their children lived on the family farm. Harm and his son Herman were living on the family farm at the time of Harm's death on October 19, 1945.

In the spring of 1947, Dick and Trena Siebrands and their children who were still at home moved on the Siebrands family farm. Dick Siebrands passed away on May 26, 1970 at the age of 84 years, 9 months, and 16 days, leaving the land to his wife Trena. Trena later sold it to two of her sons, namely Lawrence and Richard Siebrands with the Transfer of Land being recorded on November 13, 1974. Lawrence and Richard Siebrands owned the Siebrands family farm until November 2001.


Dick and Trena Siebrands (left), and Harm and Julia Siebrands.


William and Minnie Siebrands 50th wedding anniversary


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