Local Boys Are Living High, Low

Pay $1 a Month for room and $2 Per Week for Board

  Two Rock Rapids boys, Clyde Bird and Marvin Collins, are members of Morningside college’s “depression dormitory,” where 20 men live for $1 a month room rent and $2 a week board. These 20 men according to the account in the Morningside college “Collelgian reporter” are “laughing at the high board and room rates of fraternity houses and campus boarding houses this year.”

  “An old barracks building,” continues the account, “used as a temporary science hall and containing a campus printing shop and the athletic department’s laundry, has been renovated, and sleeping quarters provided for more than 20 men. The sleeping quarters are on the third floor, and a boarding club is operated by one of the students on the first floor.

  “Overlord of this host of economy seeking young college boys, is Ed. Henfler, all-North Central conference fullback this year, who hails from Avon, S. D. Haenfler maintains regular dormitory [sic] discipline, requiring lights to be out at certain hours, and enforcing house rules about quiet during periods set aside for studying.

  “The study faciities are not adequate for the large number of men living in the ‘barn,’ as it is clled, so the college library is open to them at all hours for work A “kangaroo court” meets regularly to decide matters concerning the infractions of rules, and it maintains the rules formulated by the dormitory.

  The men living in the dormitory are: Sam Garmire, Gray; Clyde Bird, Rock Rapids; Merrill Beebe and Chas. Goodell, Primghar; Geo. Leonard, Early; Henry Rozma, Hospers; Carleton Van Puersem, Maurice; Corwin Taylor, Sutherland; Williams, Rockwell City; Lowell Osborn, Alta; Harvey Morrison, South Chatham, Mass.; Fred Jacobson, Chicago; Harold Steele, Sutherland; Gene Lister, Sheldon; Alvin Mayberry, West Bend; Hubert Germaine, Crrectionville; Edgar Inlay, Moville; Noel  McCleary, Danbury; Wilfred Crabb, Hinton; Chester Gill, Merrill; Marvin Collins, Rock Rapids; Lyle Poulson, Alta; Kenneth Lewis and Ed. Haenfler, Avon, S. D.

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