Third Ward Councilman and Hardware Dealer

How is business?

  Business is good and it is getting better right along. We are making preparations for a good trade this spring and summer in all lines.

Do you believe that there is going to be considerable building this year?

  I don’t believe there is going to be so much new building but there is going to be plenty of repair work. Buildings have been let go the past three years, and I look for a lot of repairing and remodeling to be done this year. Prospects are better than they have ben for three years.

Judging from your conversations with customers what do you think of the outlook for this coming year?

  Best in a long time. With a great deal of moisture in the ground and with renewed confidences there is a much better feeling all around. You just can’t keep this country down. Just watch it.

How can Rock Rapids merchants make Rock Rapids a better market town?

  We have everything here and the merchants all pull together, but we will have to keep ever-lastingly at it and advertise, not only in the newspapers but in every way we can. We’ve got to let the people know what we have to offer.

What do you think of the proposed river front improvement?

  It sure is a fine thing, but the city does not have the money to go ahead with it right now unless they get some outside help. Some outside money from some organization or group of organizations will have to come to the rescue or this fine improvement will have to wait a while. It would be a shame if this improvement had to go over another year, or longer.

What is your particular hobby?

  I still stick to my cross word puzzles. I don’t know how many dictionaries I have worn out working them but I still like them even is most people have tired of them.

If  you were not in the hardware business what business would you prefer to be in?

  Farming. I wish I was on a farm right now for I am convinced that there is some real money to be made on the farm if a fellow works it right and feeds his stuff. My boyhood was spent on a farm and I would like to go back.

What is the greatest problem confronting the city council at this time?

  To get the money to do the things that need to be done in the way of improvements.


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