Letters of Mrs. F.K. Bradley


Rock Rapids, Iowa October 4th /93

Hon B.F. Gue

Dear Sir:

As Mrs. Chum's requested I will attempt to give you a brief sketch of the history of our little format of Unitaries at Rock Rapids. It will probably be very imperfect as I have nothing but my memory to assist me.

The first Unitarian sermon was preached here was by Rev. Sunderlund in the fall of /86. This was followed by various others among whom was Mr. Clute, Mr. Effingen, Mr. Hunting, Mrs. Wilkes, Miss Saffird, Miss Holiftin, Miss Barttlett, Miss Murdock and others. Later on the same winter the society was organized by S.S. Hunting under the name of "The First Unity Society of Rock Rapids." Our first pastor was Mr. Hunting followed by Mrs. Wilkes, Miss Putnam, Mr. Gould, and Mrs. Chum, our present pastor. We have had regular preaching only part of the time, owing to our housing so suitable place for hotel service. Mr. Chum has been with us one year and is very much respected for his fearless presentations of what he believes to be the truth. Our congregations are more large but appreciative and attentive. We own two valuable lots on Main St. on which we hope to finish sometime. Our services are held now is a rented hall that we have furnished with a fine piano, carpet, and kitchen and dining room furniture.

We pay our Pastor promptly, are out of debt and are hopeful for the future. We have a Ladies Unity Circle that meets every two weeks and helps out with the finance by paying the hall rent and all. We have no Sunday school now. There are very few young children in the society is one reason and another is there seems to be no one who is adapted to the work and is willing to carry it on.

I fully realize that these few facts are written in a rambling way, not very helpful to you but are the best I can do at present. Mr. T.C. Puckett was the one who first agitated the liberal cause here and much credit is due him for aid both finance aid and otherwise. Hoping this will be of some use to you in making out your report I remain.

Yours for the cause,
Mrs. F. K. Bradley

Source: Microfilm No. 986164
Transcribed by Roseanna Zehner
Proofread by Diane Johnson

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