Blowout Causes Accident Friday

Local Young Men Not Injured; Passenger Suffers Most

(30 Dec 1932)

  Three young men, Robert and Harley Herington of this place and Wayne Hogencamp of Iowa Falls, escaped serious injury Friday morning, in an automobile accident on East Main street in rock Rapids. An icy roadway and a flat tire are blamed for the accident, which took place just east of the Rock river bridge on Main street, and resulted in a badly wrecked car. Neither of the Heringtons, who were in the front seat, were injured in any way, but young Hogencamp, a former resident of this city, who was riding in the rear seat of the car, was badly cut and was unconscious for several hours as the result of neck injuries.

  According to Robert Herington, who was driving the car, the accident followed a blow-out, which occurred when a tire hit the sharp edge of a chuck hole in the oil-surfaced highway on Primary No. 9, just east of the Rock river bridge. The car swerved following the blow-out, turned completely around, rolled over on its side and finally came to a stop against a telephone pole on the north side of the roadway.

  The young men were assisted from the badly wrecked machine by Herman Kage, Rock Rapids man who was the first to arrive at the scene of the accident, and they were taken to the office of Dr. J. D. Bishop for treatment. Later young Hogencamp was taken to the Herington home near this city, where he rested until Saturday when he returned to this home, accompanied by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. E Hogencamp, who had been called here immediately after the accident.


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