Wilhelmina (Vander Woude) Trigg
Death Certificate Transcription

From the Lyon County, Iowa Death Records:

Name: Trigg, Wilhelmina Vander Woude
Place of Death--
   County: Lyon, Rock Rapids, Vander Wilt Hospital
   State:  Iowa
   County:  Lyon
   Town:  Rock Rapids
Sex: Female
Race or Color: White
Marital Status:  Married
Name of Surviving Spouse: Woodrow Wilson Trigg
Age: 25
Date of Birth: Feb 8, 1923
(Date filed?): 20/10/28
Place of Birth:  George, Iowa
Father's Name:  Andrew Vander Woude
Father's Place of Birth: Holland
Mother's Name: Anna Marie Horsta
Mother's Place of Birth: Germany
Informant: Andrew Vander Woude
Address:  Edna, Iowa
Date of Burial: 11/10/43
Place of Burial: Doon, Iowa
Undertaker:  A. H. Lockwood, Rock Rapids
File No: 55-60
Registrar: Mrs. S. J. S. Rogers
Date Filed: Nov. 9, 1943
Date of Death and Time: Nov. 6, 1943, 1 a.m.
Cause of Death: urinic (uremic?) poisoning due to pregnancy
Due to: cesarian section on Nov. 3. 1943
Physician: A. C. Wubbena, M.D.
Address: Rock Rapids, Iowa.