Wallace W. Trigg
Death Certificate Transcription

From the Lyon County, Iowa Death Records:

State of Iowa--Department of Public Health--Certificate of Death
Decedent's Name:  Wallace Winslow Trigg
Sex:  Male
Date of Death:  May 13, 1986
Race (White, Black, American Indian, etc): White
Age Last Birthday:  81
Date of Birth:  *Oct. 30, 1904
County of Death:  Lyon
City, Town or Location of Death:  Rock Rapids
Inside City Limits:  Yes
Hospital or Other Institution:  Lyon Manor Care Center
Hospital:  Inpatient
State of Birth:  Minnesota
Citizen of What Country:  U. S. A.
Marital Status:  Married
Surviving Spouse:  Jennie Jasper
Social Security Number:  483-05-8002
Usual Occupation:  Laborer
Kind of Business or Industry:  Car Seat Factory
Was Deceased ever in U. S. Armed Services:  No
  State:  Iowa
  County:  Lyon
  City, Town or Location:  Rock Rapids
  Inside City Limits:  Yes
  Street and Number:  1010 South Union
Father's Name:  Walter Trigg
Mother's Maiden Name:  Mary Jane Enos
Informant:  Jennie Trigg
  Mailing Address:  1010 South Union, Rock Rapids, Ia.  51 (copy runs out)
Death was Caused by:  Respiratory arrest
Due to:  Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchospasm.
Autopsy:  No
  To the best of my knowledge, death occurred at the time, date and place and due to the cause(s) stated.
Signature and Title:  Steven C. Ferguson, M. D.
Date Signed:  5-20-86
Hour of Death:  12:10 A. M.
Name and Address of Certifier:  Steven C. Ferguson, M. D., 803 South Greene, Rock Rapids, IA  51246
Burial, Cremation or Removal:  Burial
Cemetery or Crematory Name:  Hillside Cemetery
  Location:  Doon, Iowa
Date:  May 16, 1986
Funeral Home:  Porter Funeral Home, 1705 14th, Rock Valley, Iowa 5124(copy runs out)
Funeral Director Signature:  Ricard Porter
F. D. License No.:  2284
Registrar Signature:  LaVonne Mydland, Clerk By Jean Vande Weerd, Deputy
Date Received by Local Registrar:  5-25-86