Beloit Cemetery

Lyon Township

Lyon County, Iowa

Beloit Cemetery, Beloit, Iowa
Grantor: Jas. A. Carpenter (widower)
Grantee: Lyon Township
Date of Instrument: December 31, 1880
Description: SE 6 acres of Lot No. 3, Section 19,
Township 98, Range 48 (Lyon Township)
Date of filing: May 18, 1881
Date of first burial: January 29, 1869
Source: Microfilm
Provided by Sharyl Ferrall

DIRECTIONS:   From Inwood, go south on 182 about 1 to 1 1/2 miles and turn right on A50 (which is the same as 260th Street). Follow that until you have to turn and go right. Follow the paved road until you come to the first gravel road. The pavement will curve to the west and the gravel road goes straight ahead to the north. About 1/8 mile later there is a gravel road to the right that leads to the cemetery.

Adee, Cornelius Dubell

(Noted on burial list died 9-4-1878 at 13 days old which would make him born 8-22-1878. This could be the same child as listed below. No stone.)

Adee, Infant

(Infant of Eliza & Horace. No birth or death dates are shown in records. It is recorded that he is "buried in the NE corner" of the cemetery. This could be the same as Cornelius above. The 1880 census shows Horace Adee, age 71, born in NY, with his wife Eliza, 45, born in IA & daughter Sarah, 44, born in NY. No stone.)

Adams, Clarence B. 1-2-1897 -- 2-23-1897

Anderson, A. L. 4-6-1826 -- 2-3-1913 Father

(Noted on burial list as Alexander L., died of old age at age 87, 6, 27. Also noted on another list as Alexander S. & Andrew L. It is also noted that 4 children of Alexander Anderson are buried in the cemetery. Tombstone says 1913; records say 1912.)

Anderson, Herbert

(This could be the same person as Wilbert. Burial list shows 3 different death dates, 6-13, 6-17, & 6-19-1874. No stone.)

Anderson, Jane

(Noted on burial list with 2 different death dates, 3-16 & 3-26-1876. No stone.)

Anderson, Kataline A.

(Noted on burial list twin to Theodore, born 1-8-1879, died 7-24-1879 of diptheria at age 6 m., 16 d. Believed to be a child of Alexander & Mary.)

Anderson, Karoline I. 4-7-1880--4-22-1881

(Noted on burial list Cardine A. & Carelonia A., born 4-7-1880, died 4-22-1881of diptheria at age 1 y., 15 d. Believed to be a child of Alexander & Mary.)

Anderson, Mary 1856 -- 1-5-1909 Mother

(On the same stone with Etta B. Ferguson. On burial list Mary J., wife of A. L. Anderson, died of consumption at age 58, 8, 3 which would make her born 5-2-1850. This same list also indicates she was born 5-1-1851 & died 1-4-1909. There is also a seperate stone that says "Mother.")

Anderson, Olof E. 7-13-1898 -- 12-26-1918

Anderson, Nels C.

(Noted on burial list died 12-25-1913 at 30 days old. No stone.)

Anderson, Theodore A.

(Noted on burial list twin to Kataline, born 1-8-1879, died 8-16-1879 of diptheria at age 7 m., 8 d. Believed to be a son of Alexander & Mary.)

Anderson, Tomie or Tonie

(Noted on burial list born 3-29-1874, died 3-21-1880 of diptheria at age 5, 11, 8. Believed to be a child of Alexander & Mary.)

Anderson, Wilbert

(Burial list shows 2 different death dates, 6-13 & 6-17-1874. This could be the same person as Herbert listed above. No stone.)

Austin, Esten O. Died 10-17-1882

(Noted on burial list Estene or Estena, born 5-3-1863, died of diptheria at age 19, 2, 24.)

Austin, Gunhild Died 1877 Aged 83 years

(Noted on burial list as born in 1794, died 3-27-1877 of old age.)

Austin, Halvor Died 10-9-1905 Aged 85

(Noted on burial list age 80 at death & a reference to Austin, MN.)

Austin, Keri Died 4-2-1897 Age 71 Wife of H.

(Noted on burial list Mrs. Kari H. Austin, born 1826.)

Axsell, Minnie C. 1898--1917

(Died while living at the Beloit Orphanage.)

Barnes, Ernest A. 1876--1949 Father

Barnes, Sallie G. 1877--1956 Mother

Barrow, Esther

(Noted on burial list died 7-1880 at age 5 y., 3 m. No stone.)

Barrow, Fannie Eliza

(Noted on burial list born 1873, died 6-26-1880 of diptheria at age 7, 11, 3 making her born 7-23-1872. No stone.)

Barrow, Fred

(Noted on burial list died 12-2-1882 of diptheria at age 5 y., 4 m., Sioux City. No stone.)

Barrow, Jessie

(Noted on the burial list are 2 names listed with this one, Fannie & Willes Barrow. The list notes that Jessie was born 1878 & died 6-30-1880 of diptheria at age 2. No stone.)

Beck, Christopher

(Noted on burial list born 9-2-1813, died 7-10-1908 of old age at age 94, 4, 7, Canton. No stone.)

Beck, Katie Died 5-18-1887 Aged 7 yrs., 1 mo., 18 d. Daughter of C. and S. Beck

(Noted on burial list Katie Beck of south of Beloit, born 6-1-1861, died 5-18-1887 of consumption.)

Beck, Sarah 2-25-1818--12-24-1900 Aged 82 yrs. 9 mos. 29 d.

(Noted on burial list Mrs. Sarah Beck, died of old age, Canton.)

Benson, Henry

(Noted on the burial list that the body was exumed; something to do with a murder; age 60. Also noted born 1830, died 4-6-1890. His last name may have been Boesen or Borson as noted on the burial list. No stone.)

Bottger, George 1937--1937

(Funeral home marker only.)

Bottger, John 1931 Son

Bottger, John M. 1895--1976 PVT US Army WW I

(John M. was the son of Henry & Anna Jansma Bottger as noted from the book "History of Lincoln Co., SD.")

Bottger, Josie 1911--1969 Mother

Bragstad, Arno J. 1882--1909

(Noted on burial list Arndt, born 12-2-1881, died 4-24-1909 of pleurisy, age 27, 4, 26.)

Bragstad, Alma Helena 5-31-1909--6-1-1909

(Noted on burial list premature birth.)

Bragstad, Amalia 1850--1923 Mother

(Noted that Amelia or Amalia died 4-27-1923, the wife of Sam.)

Bragstad, Annie M. 1853--1927

(Noted on burial list Ann Bragstad, Yankton.)

Bragstad, Gerhard T. 1884--1918

(Noted on burial list died of consumption 2-3-1918 at age 33, 11, 12 making him born 2-22-1884.)

Bragstad, Nels J. 1847--1918

(Noted on burial list died 1-7-1918 of asthma at age 71, 5, 6.)

Bragstad, Samuel C. 1856--1919 Father

(Noted on the burial list died of heart disease.)

Brandhagen, Martin T. 1885--1906

(Died while living at the Beloit Orphanage. On 1900 census living in the Home, born 12-1885 in SD.)

Brenner, Adam Died 10-23-1869 Aged 65 yrs. 6 mos. 15 d.

(On the same stone with Susana. Noted on burial list born 4-8-1804.)

Brenner, Howard B. Died 7-5-1886 Aged 10 yrs. 6 mos. 6 d. Son of D. & S. A.

(Noted on burial list as Howard D. Brenner, died of thyphoid fever, Lyon Co.)

Brenner, Samantha A. 1-18-1859--12-27-1882 Wife of David

(Noted on burial list Mrs. Samantha A. Brenner, wife of David, born 7-18-1853, died at age 28, 6, 21.)

Brenner, Susana Died 3-1-1890 Aged 81 yrs 9 mos. 28 d. Wife of Adam

(On the same stone with Adam. On the burial list Mrs. Susana Brenner born 6-2-1809, died of old age.)

Buhmeke, Fred

(Noted on burial list died 8-27-1905, from the Orphans' Home, thrown from a horse, age 13. In another place on the list his last name is spelled Buhmahr. No stone.)

Calhoun, Elmira 8-29-1830--8-23-1897 Wife of J. Calhoun

(Noted on burial list Mrs. Elmira Tillison Calhoon, Beloit, age 66, 11, 25.)

Calhoun, Jasper 1-16-1836--7-1-1916 PVT Co. G 9th IA Inf.

(Noted on burial list born in Princeton, OH, died at age 80, 5, 16. Also noted is Zimmerman, MN.)

Carpenter, Artemas Died 1-31-1874 Age 64

(On same stone with James A. & Nina. Noted on burial list as brother, born 1810.)

Carpenter, Aurora V.

(Noted on burial list born 8-13-1854, died 4-27-1905 of heart disease at age 50, 8, 14, Texas. No stone.)

Carpenter, Charlotte I. 1873--1941

(On same stone with James. A. From the book "History of Lincoln Co., SD," Charlotte's maiden name was Andrews. James & Charlotte married 1893.)

Carpenter, Della

(On burial list daughter of J. M. & A. V., Sioux Co., died 11-11-1880 of diptheria at age 2. No stone.)

Carpenter, Edwin E. 1849--1930

(From the book "History of Lincoln Co., SD," Edwin married 3 times, his first wife being Ella Tattershall.)

Carpenter, George T. Died 4-19-1880 Aged 7 yrs. 5 mos. 27 d. Son of E. E. and E. T.

(On same stone with Infant. Noted on burial list born 11-22-1873, died of diptheria, Beloit.)

Carpenter, Infant Died 3-23-1882 Daughter of E. E. and M. E.

(On same stone with George T. Noted on burial list as infant daughter of E. E. & E. T., Beloit.)

Carpenter, James A. Died 10-5-1889 Aged 68 yrs. 2 mos. 2 d.

(On same stone with Nina A. & Artemas. Noted on burial list born 9-3-1831, died of cancer. From the book "History of Lincoln Co., SD," James Addison Carpenter was born in Delaware Co., NY; married Sarah Tillotson 1847 in NY.)

Carpenter, James A. 1871--1943

(On same stone with Charlotte I.)

Carpenter, John C. 12-13-1816--1-20-1885 Born Canton, Bradford Co., PA. Died Lincoln Center.

Carpenter, J. G. or C. Co. F 141 IL Inf.

(Two seperate stones. Burial list indicates that this could be 2 seperate people. There is a listing for John C., born 2-23-1846 who died 1-20-1885 at age 38, 11, 3 of apoplexy. It also lists John C., born in Bradford Co., PA. If it actually is 2 people, the death date would sure be a coincidence.)

Carpenter, Kenneth 2-17-1901--8-7-1970

(Kenneth was a son of James & Charlotte.)

Carpenter, Mabel

(No dates on stone. Noted on burial list as Mabel Edna Carpenter, daughter of John M. & Aurora V., died 8-20-1891, Valley Springs Twp., age 15 y., 17 d., born 8-3-1876.)

Carpenter, Mary E. 1845--1909

(Noted on burial list is Mrs. E. E. Carpenter, born 1848, died 10-3-1909. Also noted is Mrs. Mary E., died 10-9-1909 of apoplexy at age 46, 2, 19 making her born 7-20-1863. If this is actually the wife of Edwin, she could have been born either the 1845 or 1848 date. The age at death may have been wrong, or possibly 2 Mary Carpenters. From the book "History of Lincoln Co., SD," Mary's maiden name was Miller. She married Edwin 1876. The book also says she died 1907.)

Carpenter, Nina A. Daughter of J. M. and A. V.

(No dates on stone. On same stone with Artemas & James. A. Noted on burial list as daughter of John M., died 1873. Also noted is Sioux Co. Also noted as died 11-11-1880, daughter of John M. & Aurora V. Possible 2 different Ninas, however the same death date is given for Della, also a daughter of John & Aurora.)

Carpenter, Nora 5-24-1904--6-19-1954 Wife of Kenneth

Chadwick, Leslie

(Noted on burial list died 11-13-1908. No stone.)

Chadwick, Ralph

(Burial list notes that he was born 2-15-1908, died 6-15-1908, age 4 mos. No stone.)

Chraft, Christine

(Noted on burial list Christine Barrow Chraft, died 1889, 3 children. No stone.)

Chraft, Ingvald

(Noted on burial list born 1864, died 11-16-1888 at age 24. No stone.)

Chraft, Lorayne E. 1921--1999

(On same stone with Kenneth L.)

Chraft, Johana S. 6-2-1885--5-2-1886 Daughter of John J. and S.

(Noted on burial list Johnna, age 11 m.)

Chraft, John 1851--1936

(On same stone with Sigrid.)

Chraft, Keran

(Burial list notes that Keran died 4-8-1919. Keran may have previously been married to a Gunderson, or it may be her maiden name. The name Gunderson is noted on a burial list. No stone.)

Chraft, Kenneth L. 1918--1982

(On same stone with Lorayne E.)

Chraft, Peter

(Noted on burial list born 11-25-1859, died 10-26-1885 of consumption, age 25, 11, 1, Lyon Co. No stone.)

Chraft, Sigrid 1849--1933

(On same stone with John.)

Chraft, Stanley T. 1898--1974

Chraft, Violet C. 1900--1995

Christenson, Infant

(Noted on burial list infant of Lars, died either 5 or 7-10-1882. No stone.)

Clark, James Died 9-26-1876 Aged 24 yrs.

(Noted on burial list born 1852, died 9-26-1876 of typhoid fever at age 24, brother of Dr. Clark of Canton.)

Clark, Mrs. John M.

(Noted on burial list Mrs. John M. Clark, died 6-15-1905. No stone.)

Coats, Lizzie C. 4-17-1849--7-7-1893 Wife of J. S.

(Noted on burial list Mrs. Lizzie C. Beck Coats, died of typhoid at age 44, 2, 14. Lizzie Beck married John Coats 11-27-1890 in Lyon Co., IA. There is a stone that says "L.C.C.")

Coats, Willie O. Died 3-14-1892 Aged 15 yrs. 1 mo. 18 d. Son of J. S. and L.

(Noted on burial list born 1-31-1877, died of legrippe at age 15, 1, 28, Beloit. Note that this was not a child of Lizzie Beck Coats unless he was from a previous marriage of hers. She married John Coats 1890.)

Coffield, Harriet E. 9-4-1839--6-18-1913

(Noted on burial list Mrs. Harriet Wheeler Coffield, Beloit, died of dropsy at age 73, 4, 14.)

Coffield, William T. 9-1-1857--11-27-1910

(Notes on burial list born 9-1-1859, died 11-27-1910 at age 51, 2, 26. The Death Record in Lyon Co. says he was a well-digger, married, born in Watertown, looks like WVA, died in Beloit, cause of death unknown, place of burial Beloit, IA.)

Coleman, Child

(Noted on burial list Coleman child, died 8-10-1892 at age 2 yrs. No stone.)

Coleman, Infant

(Noted on burial list son of Chester Coleman, died 9-12-1876, Highland Twp. Another listing also suggests that Chester Coleman died 9-16-1876. No stone.)

Coombs, Corliss E. 2-9-1897--10-4-1908 Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Coombs

(Noted on burial list drowned, north of Rock Rapids, age 11, 7, 26.)

Cox, Fannie

(Noted on burial list as both Fannie & Alice, age 17 or 23, died 1-1882. Possibly 2 different people. No stone.)

Critchfield, Barbara Ann 9-11-1938--4-24-1992

(Barbara Ann Mullinix. Daughter of Edward Byron Mullinix & Mae Evelyn Thorson. Married Dale Critchfield. Died in CA.)

Cunningham, A. Y. 1874--1956

(Funeral home marker only.)

Dahl, Annie O. 3-28-1822--10-10-1899(

(Noted on burial list born 3-28-1825.)

Dahl, Christie E. 6-22-1844--11-14-1913

(Noted on burial list born 6-21-1844, died of old age, Canton, Mrs. Christine Dahl.)

Dahl, Edward E. 1850--1942

(On same stone with Johanna J.)

Dahl, Edwin C. 1885--1960

Dahl, Engebrect O. 2-8-1814--4-10-1891

(Noted on burial list died at age 77, 2, 6.)

Dahl, Engebrect E. 12-22-1880--8-18-1882 Son of E. E. and C.

(Noted on burial list died of diptheria at age 1, 7, 27, Beloit.)

Dahl, Johanna J. 1862--1928

(On same stone with Edward E.)

Daley, Martin James 1903--1986

(Son of Edward Daley & Mary Garry. Born 5-7-1903 in Green Co., WI, died 3-23-1986 in Lincoln Co., SD. Married Myrl Inez Mullinix 6-25-1860 in Lincoln Co., SD. On the same stone with Myrl.)

Daley, Myrl Inez 1910--1971

(Daughter of Ed Mullinix & Lucy White. Born 4-17-1910 in Lyon Co., IA, died 11-23-1971 in Lincoln Co., SD. On same stone with Martin.)

Dupuy, Edward Louis 3-13-1913--8-16-1977 TEC 5 US Army WW II

Dupuy, Grant E. 1874--1997

Dupuy, T. J. 7-2-1957--1-6-1997 A1C US Air Force

Dupuy, William A. 8-8-1946--9-20-1990 1SG US Army Vietman

Durkee, Amanda Lavina

(Noted on burial list born 10-3-1846, died 8-1916 at age 69 y. 10 m., Beloit. No stone.)

Durkee, Charly H.

(Noted on burial list born 4-30-1833, died 7-8-1903, Beloit, age 70, 2, 17. No stone.)

Durkee, Della Scott 1934 Aged 66 yrs. 5 mos. 27 d.

Dwight, Georgia May 6-16-1906--12-24-1906 Daughter of C. A. and H. S.

(Noted on burial list died at age 6 m. 8 d.)

Eastman, Charles O. 1878--1976

(On 1900 ceusus born 5-1878 in IA.)

Eastman, Floyd 1904--1969

Eastman, Gladys 1915--2001

Eastman, Ida E. 1877--1960 Married 12-25-1901

(On same stone with Lorenzo A.)

Eastman, Lois J. 1-15-1851--4-30-1921 Mother

(On 1900 census born 1-1852 in WI, wife of Albert.)

Eastman, Lorenzo A. 1879--1959 Married 12-25-1901

(On same stone with Ida E.)

Eastman, Infant

(Noted on burial list a daughter of Oscar Eastman who died 4-20-1900 & may have been born 3-12-1894. No stone.)

Eberly, Eddie 5-1-1896--5-1-1896 Son of S. J. and C. E.

(Burial list says this is a child of C. S. Eberly, born 8-1-1896, died 8-12-1896 at age 11 days. However, there is also a listing that says Eddie Eberly died 5-1-1896.)

Eberly, Edith 5-1-1896 Infant

(Only the one date on the Tombstone. Burial list noted as child of G. J. Eberly, although the initials were hard to read. Appears that Edith was a twin to Eddie. Burial list says that this was a premature birth, lived 1 day, Beloit, born 8-1-1896, died 8-2-1896.)

(Also a listing on a deaths list for Edith Eberly Thomas who died 8-1-1896.)

Eddy, Grace Hamilton

(See burial with the Hamiltons.)

Eli, Lydia F. Minor 1892--1977 Wife

(On same stone with Severt Eli & Homer Minor. Married first Homer Minor; second Severt Eli.)

Eli, Severt 1885--1961 Husband

(On same stone with Lydia F. Minor Eli & Homer Minor.)

Ellefson, Thelma Hanson 1896--1969

Engen, Carrie

(Noted on burial list that Mrs. Carrie E. Engen was born 9-4-1861, died 1-5-1903 of consumption, Beloit. No stone.)

Engen, Ellen 9-6-1862--1-10-1913 Mother

(Notice the similarity to the burial above. Wonder if they are the same.)

Engen, Lars A. or D.

(From the burial list there are no dates. The name is spelled Lars A. Engen in one place & Lars D. Engen in another. No stone.)

Erickson, Hans T. 1895--1902

(Died while living in Beloit Orphanage. Noted on burial list that Hans T. Erickson died 3-30-1902.)

Erlandson, Alma 1896--1902

(Died while living in Beloit Orphanage. Noted on burial list that Alma Erlundson died of scarlett fever at the age of 6. On 1900 census living at the Home with 3 more Erlundson siblings. She was born 4-1896 in MN.)

Evenson, Emeline 1892--1899

(Died while living in Beloit Orphanage. Noted on burial list died 5-17-1899 at the age of 7.)

Falloon, Thomas 5-15-1900

(Noted on burial list that he died at the age of 80, Canton. Also noted that Dan Sullivan shot him. There are 2 different spellings, Fallon & Fellon who died 4-30-1895 of suicide by razor, first shot by Dan Sullivan, Lyon Co.)

Fellon or Felton, John

(Noted on burial list that he died 4-15-1915 at about age 15. He lived at the Orphans's Home. No Stone.)

Ferguson, Etta B. 7-11-1883--6-7-1909

(On same stone with Mary Anderson. Noted on burial list Mrs. Etta Anderson Ferguson, wife of Charly Ferguson, daughter of A. L. & Mary Anderson, died of consumption age 23, 10, 9, Canton.)

Ferris, Lettie L. Died 10-1-1881 Aged 11 yrs. 1 mo. Daughter of E. C. & A.

(Noted on burial list born 8-23-1870, drowned at age 11, 1, 12)

Fladager, O. S.

(Burial list says died 1-16-1903 & is buried in Beloit Cemetery. No stone.)

Forman, Emeline 1826--1896

(Noted on burial list Mrs. Emiline Forman, age 70.)

French, Mrs. Ellen

(From burial list Mrs. Ellen French, died 9-7-1884 at age 85, used to run a boarding house, mother of Susana Brenner. Also listed as Mrs. Ella Rench. No stone.)

Frost, Francis Orren 4-22-1903--11-3-1904 Son of G. A. and E. J.

(From burial list died of diptheria at age 1, 6, 12, Beloit.)

Fry, Charly

(From burial list died by drowning 6-1872, age 10. No stone.)

Gardner, Ella Leona or Lenore

(Noted on burial list born 6-1873, died 8-13-1873 at age 3 mos. Ella smothered in a basket in the harvest field in Fairview Twp. No stone.)

Gesley, Kneut Died 10-9-1873

(From burial list born 2-26-1846, died of consumption at age 27, 7, 11, Beloit. On a Sexton's list it says born 1-4-1844, died at age 29, 7, 11. Beside that is written "he used to mend my boots".)

Gesley, Luella

(From burial list born 1872, died 9-14-1880, diptheria, age 8. No stone.)

Glendenning, Adam

(From burial list died 8-19-1901 of typhoid, Beloit. No stone.)

Griswold, Carrie A. Died 6-9-1882 Aged 12 yrs. 11 mos. 24 d. Children of E. E. & C.

(On the same stone with Harvey W. Noted on burial list as born 5-4-1870, died of diptheria, Highland Twp., SD.)

Griswold, Harvey W. Died 6-7-1882 Aged 8 yrs. 3 mos. 9 d. Children of E. E. & C.

(On same stone with Carrie A. Noted on burial list born 10-29-1873, died of diptheria, Highland Twp., SD.)

Guinter, Floyd P. Died 7-21-1880 Son of D. S. and S. E.

(Noted on burial list Floyd Preston Guinter, born 11-12-1877, died of diptheria at age of 2 yrs. 9 mos., Lower Canton.)

Gunderson, Beatha 3-26-1844--6-25-1939

Gunderson, Thomas

(Noted on burial list dying 6-30-1919. Believed to be the same person as Thore. No stone.)

Gunderson, Thore 7-26-1852--5-29-1919

Gustafson, Clarence W. 1899--1918

(Died while living at Beloit Orphanage.)

Hagen, Alman 1890--1892

(Died while living at Beloit Orphanage. Noted on burial list Olna Hagen, died at age 2.)

Hamilton, Grace D. 8-28-1876--6-24-1900 Wife of Charles S. Eddy

(Noted on burial list Mrs. Grace Darling Hamilton Eddie, wife of Charles S. Eddy, died of diabetes at age 24, 3, 28.)

Hamilton, James S. 6-6-1840--2-16-1896

(Noted on burial list born 6-1-1840, drowned on 2-26-1896, age 55, 8, 25, Canton.)

Hamilton, Paul J.

(Noted on burial list born 1901, died 9-30-1903 of pneumonia at age 2, Chicago. No stone.)

Hansen, Henry B.

(From Record of Deaths, Lyon Co., IA, died 5-2-1911 of tuberculosis at age 21, 3, 14. He was born in Sioux City, IA, single, died in Beloit, burial in Beloit. No stone.)

Hanson, Alfred B. 11-8-1899--11-14-1899 Son of A. and B. Hanson

(Noted on burial list living at the Orphan Home when he died at the age of 6 days. Note that he is buried in a lot with Helgersons.)

Hanson, Alvin N. 1896--1902

(Died while living at Beloit Orphanage 4-7-1902 at age 8. On 1900 census living at the Home, born 1-1896 in SD.)

Hanson, Barbara

(From Record of Deaths, Lyon Co., IA, died 1-7-1911 of pneumonia at age 49 y. 23 d., housekeeper, married, born in Norway, died in Lyon Co., Burial in Beloit. No stone.)

Hanson, Emma Song 1873--1959

Hanson, Evan S. 1867--1946

Harn, Donald J. 1974--2002

(Nephew of Tom Dupuy. Mother Philliss Harn.)

Haugland, Gertrude 1903--1910

(Died while living at the Beloit Orphanage.)

Hazlett, John Died 12-3-1888 Aged 26 yrs. 8 mos.

(Noted on burial list born 5-3-1862, died 12-3-1888, Lyon Co.)

Hazlitt, Mary Died 8-24-1898 Aged 58 yrs. Wife of H.

(On same stone with Henry. From burial list Mrs. Mary Hazlett, wife of Henry, born 1840, Lyon Co., age 58.)

Hazlitt, Henry Died 2-21-1892 Aged 59

(On same stone with Mary. From burial list born 1833, died at age 59, Lyon Co.)

Heldor, Infant

(From burial list infant of Bert Helder, born 6-4-1901, died 12-11-1902 at age 1 yr. 6 mos., Sioux Co. Could be the same as Archie below. No stone.)

Heldor, Archie M.

(Noted on burial list with no dates; just says Beloit. Could be same as Infant above. No stone.)

Helgerson, Ansten Died 7-7-1877 Aged 16 yrs. 6 mos. 20 d. Son of T. and M.

(From burial list died in Rock Rapids.)

Helgerson, August Laurits 1880--1918 Father

(Noted on burial list Augustus Helgerson, died 12-3-1918, Canton.)

Helgerson, Barbara 12-27-1860--1-19-1911

(On same stone with Haaken. Noted on burial list Mrs. Barbara Helgerson, died at age 81 yrs. 8 d.)

Helgerson, Bertha Marie 1849--1934 His wife

(Same stone with Ole T.)

Helgerson, Haaken 9-25-1858--10-26-1895

(On same stone with Barbara. From burial list died at age 38, 1, 1.)

Helgerson, Halvor

(The only information on burial list is the name. No stone.)

Helgerson, Helge 12-2-1891--10-6-1919

Helgerson, Helge 6-19-1885 Children of H. and B.

(On same stone with Olene. Noted on burial list as Helga.)

Helgerson Helge T. 8-28-1847--4-26-1871

(Noted on burial list died at age 26, 8, 2.)

Helgerson, Infant Daughter Died 5-29-1884 Children of Tolle & Junel

(On same stone with Maggie.)

Helgerson, Julia (Gullia) Died 2-23-1893 Aged 25 yrs. 5 mos. 19 d. Wife of Halvor Helgerson

(From burial list Julie H. Helgerson, wife of Halvor, born 10-4-1868.)

Helgerson, Maggie Died 7-13-1889 Aged 1 yr. 8 mos. 21 d. Children of Tolle and Junel

(On same stone with Infant Daughter. From burial list born 11-22-1887.)

Helgerson, Marget 12-31-1819--3-3-1891

(Noted on burial list Mrs. Marget Helgerson, died at age 72, 2, 3.)

Helgerson, Ole T. 1854--1913

(Noted on burial list born 12-23-1854, died 3-10-1913 of pneumonia at age 58, 10, 17. On same stone with Bertha.)

Helgerson, Olene 2-14-1887 Children of H. and B.

(On same stone with Helge. Noted on burial list as Olena, born & died same day.)

Helgerson, Sigri Olddatter

(From burial list Mrs. Sigri Olddatter Helgerson, born 7-26-1828, died 1-22-1913 of heart trouble 70, Inwood. No stone.)

Helgerson, Tolle 6-5-1856--2-1-1910

(Noted on burial list Tollie, died at age 34, 10, 17.)

Helgerson, Tollef Died 8-7-1875 Aged 61 yrs. 5 mos. 27 d.

(Noted on burial list born 11-10-1810, died 8-27-1875 at age 64, 9, 27.)

Herman, Adie L. 8-22-1850--9-15-1901 Wife of William G.

(On same stone with Mattie L. and William G. Noted on burial list Mrs. Adie L. Herman, Beloit.)

Herman, David 7-24-1818--4-7-1906

(On same stone with Rachel. From burial list David died of old age at age 88, 9, 17, Canton, father of William.)

Herman, F. E. 1871--1908

(On same stone with Mary A. From burial list Frank E. Herman, son of William, died 4-18-1908, burned to death in fire at age 37, 3, 15, Wolsey, SD.)

Herman, Mary A. 1878--1951

(On same stone with F. E.)

Herman, Mattie L. 7-20-1893--7-24-1894 Daughter of William G. and A. L.

(On same stone with Adie L. & William G. Noted on burial list died at age 5 yrs. 4 d.)

Herman, Rachel 7-27-1818--1-27-1911

(On same stone with David. Noted on burial list Mrs. Rachel Herman, died at age 93 yrs. 6 mos. Record of Deaths, Lyon Co., IA, says Rachel died 1-27-1911 of old age at age 93, 6, 1. She was born in PA, was a housekeeper by occupation & a widow, died in Canton, SD, buried in Beloit, IA.)

Herman, William G. 9-14-1864--5-5-1911

(On same stone with Adie L. & Mattie L. From burial list died at age 46, 8, 9, Beloit. Record of Deaths, Lyon Co., IA, states William G. Herman was born in PA, a farmer, married, died 5-5-1911 at age 64, 7, 21, in Beloit, IA of old age; burial in Beloit.)

Hicks, Flora M. 1-24-1856--9-10-1879

(From burial list Mrs. Flora Hicks, died at age 23, 7, 6, Lower Canton. Also gives her name as Florence in another reference.)

Hicks, Hattie B. 8-1-1876--12-4-1879

(Noted on burial list died of diptheria at age 3, 4, 3, Lower Canton.)

Hicks, Josephine 6-12-1878--11-5-1880

(From burial list Josie C. Hicks, died of dyptheria at age 2, 4, 24, Lower Canton.)

Hoffman, Edna L. 11-6-1892--9-27-1910 Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W.

(From burial list Miss Edna Hoffman, died of brights disease at age 15, 10, 11, Dayton Twp. Record of Deaths, Lyon Co., IA, lists Edna L. Hofman, died 9-27-1910 at age 17 y. 10 m. of acute nephritis. She was born in PA, was single, died in SD, buried in Beloit, IA.)

Hoffman, John W. 1863--1939 Father

Hoffman, Katharine K. 1868--1962 Mother

Huen, Henry J.

(Noted on burial list died 11-30-1918. No stone.)

Huen, Isabella 11-14-1845--6-3-1913

(Noted on burial list Mrs. Isabella Miller Huen, died at age 69, 6, 20.)

Hyndman, Annie

(From burial list Mrs. Annie Hyndman, died 4-10-1906. No stone.)

Ingebretson, Emelia J. 1887--1901

(Died while living at Beloit Orphanage. From burial list 14 yrs. old.)

Jackson, Guy B.

(From burial list born 1-1-1895, died 2-22-1895 at age 1 m. 23 d., Canton. No stone.)

Jacobson, Palma 1908--1910

(Died while living in Beloit Orphanage. From Record of Deaths, Lyon Co., IA, Palma Jacobson, an inmate at the Orphans' Home, died 10-11-1910 of tetanus at age 9 y. 1 m. This child was born in Norway; died & buried in Beloit, IA.)

Jensen, Christian 3-27-1832--2-9-1910

Jensen, Hans

(Noted on burial list died 11-4-1900 at age 72. No stone.)

Jensen, Oline Died 11-1-1900 Aged 72 yrs. 7 mos. 9 d. Wife of C. Jensen

(Noted on burial list Mrs. Oline Jenson, born 8-21-1828.)

Johnson, Johan A. 1889--1896

(Died while living at Orphans' Home. Noted on burial list John C. Johnson, died 4-5-1896 at age 7.)

Johnson, Otto H. 1876--1957

Johnson, Tilla Helgerson 1880--1944 Mother

(Believe Tilla was previously married to August Laurits Helgerson meaning Helgerson probably wasn't her maiden name. They are buried by each other in the cemetery; her stone saying Mother, his saying Father.)

Jones, Clara B. 2-8-1885--9-29-1888

(On same stone with Tommy J. Top of stone says "Jones Stickle". From burial list died of dyptheria at age 2, 4, 10.)

Jones, Tommy J. 3-15-1883--9-12-1888

(On same stone with Clara B. Top of stone says "Jones Stickle". Noted on burial list as died of diptheria at age 4, 5, 28.)

Jorgenson, Alice L. 1903--1910

(Died while living at Beloit Orphanage. Noted on burial list died 7-5-1910 at age 7. Record of Deaths, Lyon Co., IA, says Alice Elizabeth Jorgenson, an inmate at the Orphans' Home, died 7-9-1910 at age 7, 6, 8. She was born in Brookings, SD; died in Beloit, IA of scarlet fever; buried in Beloit.)

Kaine, Arthur G.

(From burial list died 4-23-1899 at age 2 while living at the Orphans' Home. No stone.)

Keeler, Georgie

(Burial list says died 10-6-1880 from diptheria at age 7. Last name also shown as Keeley on one list. No stone.)

Keep, Fred A. 9-7-1848--1-14-1892

(From burial list Fredrick A. Keep, died of comsumption at age 43, 9, 7, Pasadena. Ruby Carpenter married Fred A. Keep 5-7-1873 in Lyon Co., IA.)

Keep, Frederica 1879--1970

Keep, James Carpenter 3-8-1878--3-30-1878

(Noted on burial list 22 days old.)

Keep, John 9-19-1876--12-1-1908

(Noted on burial list Johnny, Meadows, Perkins Co., SD, age 33, 2, 18.)

Keep, Ruby Carpenter 9-20-1850--9-7-1911

(Fred, Frederica, James, John & Ruby all on same Keep stone. From burial list Mrs. Ruby Keep, died of cancer at age 65 y. 13 d., Chicago. Record of Deaths, Lyon Co., IA, says Ruby C. Keep was born in WI, died in Chicago, IL, cancer of liver, at age 60, 11, 13, buried in Beloit, IA. Her occupation was housekeeper & a widow.)

Kinman, Marjorie Marie

(Burial list says daughter of C. W. & A. Kinman, born 10-9-1904, died 9-5-1908 at age 3, 11, 4. No stone.)

Krantz, William

(Burial list says born 8-30-1879, died 11-30-1905 of consumption at age 26 yrs. 3 mos. It also says "Mrs. Abe Nichols son by her first husband." No stone.)

Kroger, Arthur H. 3-2-1933--1-7-1985 PFC US Army Korea

(On same stone with Carrie Mullinix Snedeker.)

Krogness, Johanne Cornelia

(Noted on burial list Johanne Cornelia Krogness born 3-4-1820, died 9-10-1884 at age 64, 6, 6, Beloit. Also noted on the list is "To Amerika 3-4-1866, Dramnen, Norway, Flyttede.")

Krogness, S. M. Rev. 9-2-1830--11-26-1894

(Noted on burial list died at age 63, 10, 24, Beloit.)

Lerum, Arnold L. 1915--1926

(Died while living at the Beloit Orphanage.)

Lee, Preston

(Burial list says he died 11-5-1881 of diptheria at age 18. No stone.)

Lingo, Baby 1942 Son of Charles and Hazel

Lingo, Carrie M. 11-2-1870--4-6-1896

(Noted on burial list Mrs. Carrie Maynard Lingo, died at age 25, 5, 3.)

Lingo, Charles J. 1893--1981

Lingo, Luella A. 1896--1983

Lomen, Clarence Alphonso Died 2-26-1890 Aged 2 mos. 18 d. Son of K. O. and M. H.

(On same stone with Rev. K. O. & Mary. There is also a stone right beside this that says CAL. Burial list says he was born

12-8-1889, Beloit.)

Lomen, K. O. Rev. Died 1-1-1890 Aged 30 yrs. 8 mos. 24 d.

(On same stone with Mary & Clarence. Noted on burial list born 3-6-1859, died of consumption, Beloit.)

Lomen, Mary 4-3-1858--7-18-1904 Wife of K. O.

(On same stone with Rev. K. O. & Clarence. From burial list Mrs. Mary Herman Lomen, sister of William, died of consumption at age 48, 3, 15.)

Lowell, Harvey

(Burial list says he died 1-6-1897, Beloit. No stone.)

Lowell, Leslie A. 9-16-1868--11-15-1907

(Noted on burial list died at age 38, 1, 29, killed by cars, Hudson & Beloit.)

Lowell, Lockwood 1838--1917

(Burial list says Lockwood J. Lowell, born 10-12-1837, died 3-18-1917 at age 79, 5, 4, Beloit. Information I found on the internet is Lockwood Lowell married Catherine Matilda Davis 3-17-1862 in Beloit, IA. I have not confirmed that information.)

Lysnes, Christian Died 3-9-1888 Aged 5 yrs. 4 mos. 4 d. Son of D. & M. J. Lysnes

(Noted on burial list son of D. & J., Beloit, born 12-5-1882, died of diptheria.)

Lysnes, David Died 8-11-1890 Aged 58 yrs. 11 d.

(On same stone with Maren J. Noted on burial list Prof. David Lysness, Beloit, born 7-31-1832.)

Lysnes, Maren J. 11-28-1843--9-27-1915 Mother

(On same stone with David. Noted on burial list Mrs. Marion J. Lysnes, died at age 71 y. 10 d., Vermillion.)

Margeson, Kenneth Wilbur 10-26-1911--5-18-1916 Son of W. S. and Olga

(Noted on burial list died age 4, 7, 22, Canton.)

Margeson, Olga 1876--1937 Mother

(On same stone with William.)

Margeson, William 1864--1938 Dad

(On same stone with Olga.)

Martinson, Eddy 1894--1906

(From burial list Eddie Mortenson, born 4-26-1894, died 7-6-1908 of appendix at age 14, 2, 10, while living at the Orphan's Home. On 1900 census living at the Home, born 4-1894 in ND.)

Maynard, Adeline C. 10-10-1833--12-5-1913 His Wife

(On same stone with Elisha. From burial list Adeline C., Beloit, died of rheumatic heart at age 80, 1, 27. Her maiden name was Adeline Calista Brown. Says she is buried in Lot 25.)

Maynard, Curtis L. Died 1-13-1891 Aged 26 yrs. 3 mos. 10 d. Son of E. and A. C.

(Burial list says Curtis was born 3-3-1865, died of asphyxia in well, aged 26, 3, 10, Dayton Twp.)

Maynard, Ed. S. 1862--1919

Maynard, Elisha 8-26-1830--3-28-1910

(On same stone with Adeline C. Burial list says Rev. Elisha Maynard, Beloit, died at age 79, 7, 2. From the Record of Deaths, Lyon Co., Elisha was a gardner, died 3-19-1910 in Beloit of ____ poison at age 78, 7, 21, married, born in Isham (hard to read name), OH, burial in Beloit. Also from Lyon Co. Death Record, page 11: Rev. Elisha Maynard of Beloit, Iowa, for many years Pastor of the Beloit M. E. Church, died 3-28-1910. W. J. Maynard of Heck, SD; E. S. Maynard of Beloit; & Mrs. Mary Payne of Lincoln Co., SD. Intrusted in Beloit Cemetery beside his father & children, Levi Maynard his father; Curtus Maynard son; Carrie Maynard Lingo daughter; Adiline Maynard wife.)

Maynard, Levi Died 4-2-1888 Aged 89 yrs.

(Noted on burial list Levi or Lige Maynard was born 1799, died of old age.)

Maynard, Nettie L. 1869--1952

McBride, Anna D. 2-18-1835--7-31-1900 Wife of S. McBride

(On same stone with Sidney. From burial list that Mrs. Annie D. McBride died of dropsy at the age of 65, 5, 13, Beloit.)

McBride, Sidney 6-17-1828--12-4-1893

(On same stone with Anna D. Burial list says died of apoplexy at age of 65, 6, 17, Beloit.)

McCord, Mrs. W. E.

(Burial list says she died 3-2-1882 in childbirth at age 24 m. 5 d. No stone.)

McDevott, Willie 6-12-1894

(Only date is 6/12/1894. No stone.)

McDonald, Infant

(Burial list says this infant of Frank was born 11-29-1904, died 1-20-1905 at age 1 m., 21 d. This is the child that was born when Jennie died in childbirth. No stone.)

McDonald, Jennie M. 9-20-1878--11-29-1904 Wife of Frank

(Noted on burial list that Mrs. Jennie M. McDonald died in childbirth at age 26, 2, 9, Beloit.)

McKenzie, Infant

(Noted on burial list as infant of Willard, died 6-24-1874. No stone.)

McKenzie, Willard L.

(Burial list says that Willard was born 1853, died 6-19-1874 at age 21 of consumption. No stone.)

McMahon, Edwin R. Died 1-28-1882 Aged 3 yrs. 4 mos. 23 d.

(On same stone with John H. & William B. Children of Michael W. & Abbie McMahon. Noted on burial list that Edwin R. was born 9-5-1878.)

McMahon, John H. Died 1-25-1882 Aged 5 yrs. 8 mos. 10 d.

(On same stone with Edwin R. & William B. Children of Michael W. & Abbie McMahon. Noted on burial list that John H. was born 11-15-1877.)

McMahon, William B. Died 1-2-1882 Aged 8 yrs. 5 mos.

(On same stone with Edwin R. & John H. Children of Michael W. & Abbie McMahon. Burial list says that William B. was born 8-24-1873, died 1-24-1882. All 3 children died of diptheria. The burial list also says they are all buried in one grave #27, which could indicate the lot number.)

Medalen, Aase H. Died 2-23-1889 Aged 83 yrs. 9 mos.

Medalen, Halvor

(Burial list says died 6-20-1911. No stone.)

Merchant, Cora Died 3-17-1879 Aged 2 yrs. 10 mos. 17 d.

(Burial list says born 5-31-1876, died of diptheria, Canton.)

Miller, Anders 9-1-1836--4-28-1905

(Burial list says died at age 69, 7, 27, Elm Springs, near Fairview, Pett Miller's father.)

Miller, George W. Died 7-10-1879 Aged 24 yrs. 6 mos. 10 d. Only son of P. & M. A.

(Burial list says George, who was born 1-1-1855, drowned in the Sioux River at age 24, 6, 10. Note that George is buried on a Carpenter lot.)

Miller, Hannah 7-14-1898--6-6-1984

Miller, Julia A. 1-14-1868--9-7-1954

Miller, Olivia 9-29-1834--8-2-1911

(Burial list says Mrs. Oleane Miller, wife of Anders, died at age 73, Elm Springs. Record if Deaths, Lyon Co., IA, states Olivia Miller was born in Norway, housekeeper, widowed, died 8-2-1911 near Fairview, SD, at the age of 77, 10, 29, of tuberculosis; burial in Beloit.)

Miller, Peter A. 11-10-1858--9-14-1914

(Burial list says that he died of heart trouble at age 55, 11, 28, Elm Springs.)

Minor, Alice 1854--1941 Mother

Minor, C. R. Co. B 39th Wis INF

(Burial list only says Beloit, Co. B 39 WI INF.)

Minor, Donald Earl 9-12-1932--9-6-2003 35th Field Artillary Divn.

(Buried on top of his father Earl.)

Minor, Earl D. 4-2-1890--9-16-1961 CPL US Army WW II

Minor, Edward L.

(From burial list born 10-27-1913, died 11-27-1913 of maleutrisios (hard to read) at age 1 mo., Canton. No stone.)

Minor, Female

(Noted on burial list as a daughter of Oliver (name was hard to read) died 11-26-1913. No stone.)

Minor, Homer 1885--1918 Husband

(On same stone with Lydia F. Minor Eli & Severt Eli. Noted on burial list died 6-7-1918 at age 32, 5, 10.)

Minor, Iva Lorane

(Burial list says born 8-16-1917, died 2-26-1918 at age 5 m. 21 d., Canton. No stone.)

Minor, Mildred May

(Only info on burial list is Canton. She is also listed on the Record of Deaths, Lyon Co., but the only information is that she was a stillborn. No stone.)

Minor, Owen Dean 3-8-1968--4-13-1987

( Son of Ronald Minor & Cornelia Herman.)

Minor, Owen Elmer 9-19-1892--3-26-1958 Iowa PVT Co. G 350th INF WW I

Minor, Ronald 8-17-1942--2-22-2002 Parent of Crystal, Owen & Rodney

Minor, Wava Fay 1-30-1916--12-31-1916

Monroe, Dr. Adee

(Noted on burial list died 12-24-1899 of suicide, Larchwood. Adee Monroe is listed on the 1880 census, Beloit Twp. as 36 yrs. old, born in NY, single. No stone.)

Morton, Seth S. 10-31-1838--10-16-1905

(Burial list says that Seth S. Morton died from a fit of coughing at age 66, 11, 15, Beloit.)

Mosley, Infant

(From burial list, this was an infant of Mrs. John Mosley or Mosher, born 8-1-1875, died 8-14-1875 at 14 days old. Also mentions Highland Twp. No stone.)

Mosley, Mrs. John

(From burial list, Mrs. John E. Mosley or Mosher died 8-3-1875 in childbirth at age 30. Also mentions Highland Twp. No stone.)

Mullinix, Carrol "Swede" 1920--1996 US Navy WW II

(Son of Jesse Mullinix & Geraldine Fitzgerald. Born in Lyon Co., IA. Married Marjorie Lucille Wilcox 10-10-1938.)

Mullinix, Ed 1884--1935

(Son of John Thomas Mullinix & Margaret Elizabeth Sears. Born Chariton Co., MO, 2-23-1884; died in Beloit, IA, 7-23-1935 of cancer. Married Lucy White 10-16-1907 in Macon Co., MO.)

Mullinix, E. Byron 1912--1986

(Edward Byron, son of Ed Mullinix & Lucy White. Born 6-11-1912 Iowa Co., IA; died 12-13-1986 Lincoln Co., SD. Married Mae Evelyn Thorson 7-7-1938 Minnehaha Co., SD.)

Mullinix, Helen A. 9-24-1909--5-25-1983

(Helen Amelia Doose, born Somers, IA, died Minnehaha Co., SD. Her mother was a Jensen. Helen first married John Morris. She married second John Thomas (Joy) Mullinix 5-23-1942 Turner Co., SD.)

Mullinix, Helen Garnelle 7-16-1945

(Daughter of Helen Amelia Doose & John Thomas Mullinix. Baby was stillborn in Lincoln Co., SD.)

Mullinix, Howard B. 4-15-1915--1-6-1984 S2 US Navy WW II

(Alexander Howard Mullinix born Callao, Macon Co., MO; died Minnehaha Co., SD. Son of Ed Mullinix & Lucy White. Married 1-26-1949 at Rock Co., MN, Madonna Maree Hoffey.)

Mullinix, John Thomas 1-19-1918--11-5-1992

(Nickname Joy. Son of Ed Mullinix & Lucy White, born in Hettinger Co., ND; died in Plymouth Co., IA. First married Helen Amelia Doose 5-23-1942 Turner Co., SD; married second Nellie Maxine VanDenHull Niemeyer 12-26-1967.)

Mullinix, Lucy 1882--1964

(Daughter of Joseph B. White & Eliza Issadora Cashatt. Born 7-31-1882 Chariton Co., MO; died 7-30-1964 Lincoln Co., SD. Married Ed Mullinix 10-16-1907 Macon Co., MO.)

Mullinix, Mae E. 1915--2005

(Mae Evelyn Thorson, daughter of Thor Thorson & Ingeborg Nelson. Born 3-22-1919 Lyon Co., IA; died 12-28-2005 Lincoln Co., SD. Married Edward Byron Mullinix 7-7-1938 Minnehaha Co., SD.)

Mullinix, Marilee K. 8-20-1957--2-17-1959

(Daughter of Howard B. Mullinix & Madonna Maree Hoffey. Born Lincoln Co., SD; died Lincoln Co., SD.)

Munion, Joan 10-30-1954--9-20-1997 Mother, Daughter, Sister

Munion, Scott Gene 1978 Son of Joan & Victor

Nelson, Infant

(Noted on burial list an infant of Mike Nelson, died 9-10-1880, Beloit. No stone.)

Nelson, Infant

(Burial list says an infant of Mike Nelson, died 3-7-1886. No stone.)

Nelson, Inger M. 4-18-1833--5-9-1916

(On same stone with Ole. From burial list Mrs. Inger Marie Nelson, died of general debility at age 83 y. 23 d.)

Nelson, Mrs. Michael

(Burial list says she was born 1850, died 9-30-1891 of grote at age 41. Also lists her as Mrs. M. Gesley Nelson. From the census I found that her name was Marenda, married first to a Gesley, second to Mike Nelson. Luella Gesley was her daughter from her first marriage. No stone.)

Nelson, Norman

(From burial list born 1882, died 11-14-1894 of bright disease at age 12. No stone.)

Nelson, Ole 10-4-1831--6-22-1914

(On same stone with Inger M. From burial list died at age 82, 8, 18.)

Newell, Infant

(Burial list says born 8-9-1878, died 8-22-1878, infant of Rev. Newell. No stone.)

Nichols, Abraham D.

(Burial list says that he was born 5-17-1856, died 12-20-1916 at age 60, 7, 13, of apoplexy. No stone.)

Nichols, Elvina Kuhns 2-3-2005

(On same stone with Iver her first husband. After Iver passed she married Jack Kuhns.)

Nichols, Iver V. 8-5-1923--7-20-1989 TEC 5 US Army WW II

(On same stone with Elvina Kuhns Nichols.)

Nichols, Ruby B. 1886--1971

(On same stone with Voly E.)

Nichols, Voly E. 1885-1943

(On same stone with Ruby B.)

Noren, Mrs. Ida

(Only date from the list is 1-27-1885. No stone.)

Olson, Alfred B.

(Noted on burial list that he died 10-11-1910 at 8 yrs. old, of lock jaw while living at the Orphans' Home. No stone.)

Olson, Floyd R. 1904--1916

(Died while living at Beloit Orphanage.)

Olson, George L. 1905--1925

(Died while living at Beloit Orphanage.)

Olson, John

(From burial list, John was killed in a thresher 12-29-1877 while living at the Orphans' Home. No stone.)

Opperud, Child

(From burial list a child of Louis Opperud who died 1-27-1896 at 2 mos. old, infection of the brain. No stone.)

Opperud, Marie Berg 1862--1913

(Noted on burial list as Mrs. Johanna Maria Opperud, born 2-14-1852, died 4-19-1913 at age 51, 2, 5, Inwood. This would not add up so had to be born 1862.)

Opperud, Martha 1827--1912 Mother

(From burial list Mrs. Martha Johnson Opperud, born 12-27-1827, died 10-12-1912 of general debility at age 84, 4, 19, Canton. Record of Deaths, Lyon Co., IA, states Martha G. Operud was born in Norway, died in Canton, SD of pneumonia at age 85. Her occupation was housekeeper; she was a widow. Martha's maiden name may have been Engen or another possible spouse. She is listed once on a list of those buried in Beloit as Martha Engen Opperud with the same death date.)

Ortner, Kenneth Myron 1902--1911

(Noted on the burial list as born 1902, died 1-5-1911 at age 9 while living at the Orphans' Home. Record of Deaths, Lyon Co., IA, says he was born in Cambridge, IA, died at the Home of pneumonia, buried in Beloit.)

Ostrat, Infant

(Noted on burial list, the only information is that this infant is buried in lot 69. According to other records, this is Mable Ostrat who died at 1 mo. old. No stone.)

Paulson, Alma

(From burial list died 1880 of diptheria at age 4. No stone.)

Paulson, Infant

(Noted on burial list an infant of William, died 1-16-1898 at age 3 m. No stone.)

Payne, David O. 1864--1940

Payne, Hannah C.

(Noted on burial list born 9-28-1837, died 9-24-1914 of dropsey at age 76, 11, 14. No stone.)

Payne, John

(Noted on burial list born 10-20-1835, died 1-7-1924.)

Payne, Joseph H. 2-1-1868--11-11-1888

(Burial list says Joseph died of typhoid at age 20, 2, 11, Beloit.)

Payne, Mary 1867--1960

Pedelty, William H.

(Noted on burial list as born 1841, died about 7-12-1898 of cancer at age 57, Calioppe. No stone.)

Pidcoe, Cornelia

(Noted on burial list as Mrs. Nelly Keep Pidcoe, born 2-14-1874, died 8-10-1911 of pneunonia at age 38, 5, 14, Chicago. Record of Deaths, Lyon Co., IA, says Cornelia R. Pidco was born in IA, died in Chicago, IL, at age 36, 5, 24, buried in Beloit, IA. She was a housekeeper by occupation, married. No stone, however, ther is a stone that just says "Cornelia" near a Payne grave)

Phillips, Anna M. 1897--1991

(Same stone with Fred E.)

Phillips, Elizabeth T. 1918--1948

Phillips, Fred E. 1895--1962

(Same stone with Anna M.)

Phillips, James A. 5-13-1894--7-13-1894 Son of W. H. and N. A.

Phillips, Leroy W. 12-2-1918--3-14-1948 TEC 5 Engineers WW II

Ranson, Carla A. 1889--1902

(Died while living in Beloit Orphanage. From burial list died 3-25-1902 at age 13. On 1900 census living at the Home, born

4-1889 in SD. There is also a brother living at the Home, Charles Ranson, born 12-1895 in SD.)

Remington, Caroline V.

(Noted on burial list born 1817, died 3-29-1882 at age 65; mother of Mrs. Tillison.)

Remmington, Addline

(No stone. On burial list. There may be another Remmington here as well.)

Rhead, Avis M. 1908--1977

Rhead, Dale E. 5-18-1939--6-30-2004

Rhead, Linda M. 1876--1957 Mother

(Linda Henderson; married Loyd Rhead.)

Rhead, Lucille C. 12-24-1899--1-14-1903 Daughter of S. T. & L. M.

(Burial list says Lucille died of diptheria at age 3, 11, 21.)

Rhead, Sidney T. 1872--1941 Father

Rhead, Vernon E. 1909--1975

Richardson, Wife

(Noted on burial list that this is the first wife of John D. Richardson, born 1836, died 1876 at age 40. Her name is Laura French Richardson according to another burial list which says she was buried "between lot one in the NE corner of the cemetery." It also says she died of consumption. No stone.)

Richardson, Edward Bertram Died 10-19-1888 Aged 17 yrs. 5 mos. 4 d. Son of Delaney Nelson and Annetta Richardson

(From burial list son of Delany & Annette, born 6-15-1871, died of typhoid at age 17, 5, 4. Information I found submitted to LDS: Delaney Nelson Richardson was born 7-25-1834 in Madison Co., NY, died 2-2-1898. He married Anetta Dunham about 1862. She was born 6-15-1840 in Geneva, IL, died 10-31-1920. Note that I have not proven that information.)

Richardson, Mary Lydia

(Burial lists her as born 8-4-1870, died 7-15-1882 at age 11, 10, 11, hung herself. Lincoln Co., SD. No stone.)

Rose, Alphonso 1851--1913

(Same stone with Sophia. Burial list says Alphonso M. Rose, born 5-1853, died 9-30-1913 of a rupture at the age of 60, 4, 5, Canton.)

Rose, Jerome 1-14-1854--10-14-1885 Son of M. & C. Rose

(Burial list says Jerome was a son of National Deiley Rose, died at age 31, 8, 20, Beloit.)

Rose, Sophia 1852--1929

(Same stone with Alphonso. Burial list says Sophie Beck Rose, born 9-20-1842, died 4-10-1929 of hemeorage at age 76, 7, 21, Canton. There is also a single stone that says "Mother.")

Rulland, Peder M. Died 1-18-1886 Aged 35 yrs. 10 mos. 27 d.

Ryness, Reuben J. 1900--1907

(Died while living at Beloit Orphanage. Burial list says Ruben M. Rynes died 3-17-1908 at age 7 y. 9 m.)

Schmidt, Waldemare 8-24-1898--9-6-1898 Son of Otto and Mollie

Schneider, Anna H. 1906--1990

Schneider, Robert G. 1903--1991

Scott, Dwight H. 11-7-1822--4-2-1899

(Same stone with Eunice. Noted on burial list is Dwight Hazelton Scott, died at age 76, 5, 20, Canton.)

Scott, Estelle 1874--1945

Scott, Eunice 4-25-1833--12-5-1895

(Same stone with Dwight H. From burial list Mrs. Eunice Scott, died of stomach trouble at age 62, 5, 22, Canton.)

Scott, George 1863--1944

Scott, Infant

(Noted on burial list as an infant of Dwight, died 8-16-1879, Beloit. No stone.)

Scott, Leroy Co. B 1st S. D. INF SP-AM War

(Noted on burial list as born 3-26-1875, died 1-4-1916 of consumption at ae 40, 10, 22, Sioux City.)

Scott, Leroy Dwight 1908--1981

(Leroy died 10-8-1981.)

Scott, Lynn C. 1893-1964

(Lynn Scott died 5-15-1964 at age 71.)

Scott, Nona

(Noted on burial list drowned 5-21-1876, Fairview. No stone.)

Scott, Patty Ann 10-7-1937--10-17-1937

Siglar, Lottie A. 1863--1925

(Noted on burial list Lottie Lowell Sigler, died 10-6-1925 at age 63, 1, 3.)

Siglar, Oliver E. 1858--1933

Skarie, John E. 1879--1960

(Same stone with Nettie H.)

Skarie, Nettie H. 1877--1953

(Same stone with John E.)

Smith, Destiny

(Noted on burial list died of heart disease 3-6-1881, Sioux Falls. No stone.)

Snedeker, Carrie 1-8-1939--6-27-1998

(Same stone with Arthur Kroger. Carole Lee Mullinix, daughter of Carrol "Swede" Mullinix & Marjorie Wilcox. Married Arthur Kroger 6-24-1955.)

Sogn, Chris

(Noted on burial list died 12-19-1886 at age 41 y. No stone.)

Sogn, Cora H. 6-4-1888--6-20-1889

(From burial list infant daughter of John H.)

Sogn, Cora J. 3-14-1880--2-16-1882

(From burial list died of diptheria & legrippe at age 1, 11, 26, Lyon Co. There is also a listing for the same dates for Rose Sogn who was 1 y. 26 d. at death. Not sure if this was her real name or nickname. Rose could be the same child of John Sogn on the burial list who died of scarlet rash in 1882.)

Sogn, Luella C. 5-26-1882--12-5-1882

Sogn, John H. 8-5-1842--8-13-1916 Father

Sogn, Mathilda 3-2-1851--3-27-1943 Mother

Sogn, Oscar Lionel 11-26-1890--12-29-1969 Iowa CPL US Army WW II

Solvaday, Henry V.

(Noted on burial list died 12-28-1912, shot himself, age 20. No stone.)

Sorenson, Lorenze E. Died 10-9-1888 Aged 8 mos. 19 d. Adopted son of S. N. and S. E.

(Noted on burial list born 12-21-1887, died of diptheria, Beloit.)

Starr, Frank 8-28-1828--8-11-1899 In Memory Of

(Noted on burial list that Frank was a Mason. Another listing shows him dying 8-12-1899 at age 71 yrs. 16 d. The cause of death is ice water. Father of William Starr & Katharine Hoffman.)

Starr, Susan Luvina

(From burial list born 1-12-1835, died of cancer of the bowels 3-3-1915 at age 80, 1, 21, Dayton Twp. Also shown on a list of burials as Lenore Starr. She was the wife of Frank & William was their son per census. Her first name may have been Susannah & she was also the mother of Katharine Hoffman. No stone.)

Starr, William H.

(Noted on burial list born 8-26-1860, died 7-5-1914 of blood poison at age 54, 4, 10, Sioux city. No stone.)

Stickle, Alice B. 9-17-1877--9-25-1888 Daughter of H. W. and S. A.

(Noted on burial list died of diptheria at age 11 y. 8 d., Beloit.)

Stickle, Joshua E. 11-3-1864--4-4-1887

(Noted on burial list died of spinal menengitis (hard to read) at age 22, 5, 1, Beloit.)

Sullivan, Babe 9-9-1889--9-18-1889

(Same stone with Mary the child. Noted on burial list an infant of Dan Sullivan, Beloit.)

Sullivan, Daniel 1859--1946 Father

(Same stone with Mary the mother.)

Sullivan, Mary 4-20-1891--11-27-1898

(Same stone with Babe. Noted on burial list died of diptheria, Beloit.)

Sullivan, Mary 1865--1956 Mother

(Same stone with Daniel.)

Tatterschall, Elizabeth W. 1825--1900 Mother

(From burial list Mrs. Elizabeth Wyatt Tattershall, born 2-18-1818, died 2-9-1901 of old age at the age of 82, 11, 19.)

Tatterschall, Mary E. B. 1873--1928 Wife

Tattershall, Flora M. 10-8-1845--10-7-1891 Wife ot T. W.

(From burial list Mrs. Florence M. Tattershall died or apoplexy at age 46, 11, 29, Beloit.)

Tattershall, Thomas W. 4th INDPT BTRY WI LT ARTY

(Believed to be the Thomas W. who died 2-6-1920; I have no confirmation on that. Was he the husband of Mary E. B.?)

Thomas, Mrs. A. W.

(Noted on burial list died 1-15-1915 at age 62, Beloit.)

Thompson, Gideon 4-16-1836--12-3-1912

(Noted on burial list died of old age at the age of 76, 7, 17. Record of Deaths, Lyon Co., IA, states that Nathaniel Gideon Thompson, widower, retired farmer, was born in TN, died 12-2-1912, at Spencer, IA, of organic heart disease; burial in Beloit.)

Thompson, Nancy E. Died 6-1-1880 Aged 42 yrs. 4 mos. 26 d. Wife of G. Thompson.

(From burial list Mrs. Nancy Elize Thompson born 6-6-1838, died at the age of 42, 9, 26.)

Thompson, Thomas G. Died 4-8-1919 Aged 35 yrs. Son of G. N. and N. E.

Thompson, Thomas G.

(Noted on the burial list born 12-18-1862, died 10-21-1865 at age 3, 11, 3. Noted on the list by the writer "Oldest burial that I can fine." No stone.)

Thorson, Malene 11-1-1824--11-23-1905 Mother

(From burial list Malene Espland Thorson, mother of Thomas Thorson, died age 86 y. 22 d., Beloit.)

Thorson, Svend 12-19-1809--3-9-1902 Father

(From burial list father of Thomas Thorson, died age 92 y. 9 m., Beloit.)

Thorson, Thomas

(Noted on burial list died 4-9-1919. No stone.)

Tillotson, Baby
(There is a stone that says "Baby" right next to the stone of Frankie Edith Tillotson. According to burial lists, this is a child of Frankie's that was buried on top of her.)

Tillotson, Frankie Edith 9-18-1883--1-2-1905 Wife of William Tillotson

Tillotson, George V. 1847--1895

(Noted on burial list age 48, at Inwood. There is also a stone that just says "George.")

Tisdale, Electa A.

(From burial list born 7-27-1818, died 3-27-1893 at age 75 y. 8 m., Beloit.)

Tisdale, Leonard

(Burial list says born 7-27-1810, died 10-1-1885 of congestion of lungs at age 75, 3, 8, Delaware Twp.)

Tone, Infant

(Noted on burial list infant of Charley Tone, stillborn, died 11 or 5-3-1885. No stone.)

Tone, James Anthony or Arthur

(Noted on burial list born 3-31-1890, died 3-17-1891 of diptheria at age 1, 3, 17. No stone.)

Unknown Man

(Information from a burial list says that an unknown man was found under the ice on the Sioux River 12-2-1891. No stone.)

Viland, G. P. 1847--1928

Viland, Edward 1875--1955

Viland, Ida 1874--1954

Viland, Kari 11-1-1854--10-28-1909 Wife of G. P.

(Noted on burial list Mrs. Kari Viland died of apoplexy age 58, 11, 7, Canton.)

Watne, Aurther O. 1897--1899

(Died while living at the Beloit Orphanage.)

Webb, Harrison J.

(Noted on burial list born 3-7-1889, died 6-23-1889 of congestion of the bowels & kidneys at age 3 m. 16 d., Lyon Co.)

Webb, Minnie B.

(Noted on burial list born 11-9-1887, died 2-9-1888 at age 4 m. 10 d., Lyon Co.)

Weld, Charly

(Noted on burial list died 6-3-1871, drowned in Sioux river. No stone. Last name could be Weed.)

Weld, Cap. Henry 6-20-1828--9-17-1890 Born at Guilford, VT or VA.

(Noted on burial list died at age 72, 7, 3, Sioux Co.)

Wheeler, Mary R. 5-2-1818--1-9-1904

(From burial list Mrs. Mary Wheeler, died of old age at the age of 85, 8, 22, Beloit. Also noted that Mary was a US Army nurse. In 1880 census, Beloit, Lyon Co., IA, Mary Wheeler, 61, born in NY, Mother, is living with Harriet Sherman, 40, born in NY, head of the house, and George B. Sherman, son, 21, born in PA.)

Widdie, John

  (Noted on burial list died 6-5-1906 of dropsy at age 70, Beloit. No stone.)

Widdy, Theodore Died 9-14-1896 Aged 12 Son of J. and C.

(Noted on burial list born 1884, killed while hauling grain at age 12, Lyon Co.)

Wilbur, Elizabeth F. Died in the 53rd year Wife of Charles Wilbur

(The only additional information found on the burial list is Beloit. Note that this stone is next to Floyd Guinter.)

Wilcox, Claude E. 1893--1979

Wilcox, Dorothy J. 1919--1972

Wilcox, Thelma A. 1898--1992

Winters, Infant

(Noted on burial list that this child was born 8-22-1878, died 9-1-1878 in Rock Rapids, buried in the NE corner of the cemetery. Another list suggests that the last name may be Wintergreen. No stone.)

This list compiled from records obtained by walking the cemetery in 2003,old Sexton's records, burial lists & records of deaths at Rock Rapids, Lyon Co., IA. The written records were provided by Cornelia Minor of Beloit who currently (2006) has the map of the cemetery. Many of the old records were hard to read & sometimes the records at Rock Rapids were unclear whether the burials were actually in Beloit Cemetery.

If you have any info on any of these folks, please contact Cornelia Minor, 1002 Carpenter St., Inwood, IA 51240 or Marsha Ingebretson at

Notes: Most of the burials in the Beloit Cemetery were handled through the Anderson Funeral Home which is in Canton, South Dakota, just across the river from Beloit. According to history books, the Andersons had a furniture business in Beloit before moving to Canton.


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