Frank Otto Thiessen was born on December 13, 1870 at Keystone. He married Anna Charlotte Jurgens on March 26, 1890 in Vinton, Iowa.

Anna was born in Hamberg, Germany on October 8, 1863. Before her marriage to Frank she worked as a seamstress.

After Frank and Anna’s marriage they lived with Frank’s parents for one year before moving to Larchwood, Iowa in 1891. Alwin and Minnie were born in Larchwood. Alwin died at the age of 6 months from pneumonia.

Frank was in a partnership with his brother Emil for three years until they sold their house in Larchwood and moved December 1, to the house west of the cemetery, while waiting to move to his brother Henry’s farm. Lillie was born there.

In the spring they moved to his brother Henry’s farm and rented it for several years. They then rented a farm from Klinkel and later bought it.

Frank always enjoyed fishing and once pulled a 13 1/2 pound catfish from the river. Anna liked to crochet, dance and play the accordian.

Frank and Anna retired to Lester in 1910.

The owner of the tavern was in trouble so Frank ran the tavern and Edward worked for him. Frank also sold Delco light plants to farms for a few years. He later became Lesters town marshall.

Frank also had a bee factory in his back yard and ran movies in Lester.

Anna suffered a broken hip and died of an infection on June 11, 1946 in Lester.

Frank died on August 28, 1952 in Lester. They are both buried in the Larchwood cemetery.