The roots of the Henry P. Mogler family of America stem back to Heilbronn, West Germany, when August Mogler was born on September 5, 1858. August also had a half-brother, Adolph.

In order to avoid military conscription, August came to America in 1885. He lived at Adolph’s home in Elgin, Illinois for a short time. From Elgin he went to Memphis, Tennessee, where he lived for over a year and helped construct the famous Mississippi River Levee. He then moved and lived in Sioux County, Iowa for two years. Following this, he moved to Lyon County, Iowa where he homesteaded an acreage south of Lester (the current Elizabeth Riebeling farm). The Clerk of the District Court at Rock Rapids, Iowa certified that August Mogler was naturalized as an American citizen on October 17, 1888.

August Mogler married Mary Ann Banwart on January 18, 1891. Mary was born on March 31, 1862 to John U. and Anna Mary Banwart, of Elgin, Iowa.

August and Mary had nine children. Henry, Sam, Joe, John, Paul, Bertha, Lydia, Anna and Louisa.

On October 20, 1916, August died of cancer at the age of 57 years old. Mary continued to live on the farm until January 1, 1945 when she moved to Rock Rapids with daughter, Louisa. Mary died on November 10, 1952.

Henry Philip was the fifth child, born on November 19, 1895. He married Pauline Dietrich on December 19, 1920. Pauline was the daughter of Christian and Jacobine Dietrich.

Henry and Pauline farmed the land one-half mile west of the August Mogler farm. They had eight children. Philip, Dorothy (Mrs. Adrian Kellenberger), Leona (Mrs. Leo Moser), Florence, Mrs. August Knoblock), Melva (Mrs. Roland Messner), Marjorie, Howard, and Verna (Mrs. Frank Moser).