Dietrich Knobloch, fourth child and eldest son of Wilheim and Friederike Knobloch was born in Wurttemberg, Germany, on April 8, 1884. He came to America at the age of six with his parents. They cane to Rock Valley and later moved to the Lester vicinity.

He attended country school during the winters though the fourth grade. He helped his parents on their farm until he purchased 100 acres south of Lester in 1905. A few years later he moved on this farm and his sister Pauline kept house for him.

August 2, 1913 he married Julia Koch, daughter of Johann and Magdalena Wagner Koch of Inwood, Iowa. A few years later a new home was built on this farm, and they purchased an adjoining 80 acres of land. This was Dietrich’s home for the rest of his life.

He enjoyed his chosen occupation as a tiller of the soil, and he particularly enjoyed stacking hay and grain, caring for his orchard and doing butchering.

After a short illness Dietrich passed away December 31, 1954.

In February of 1957 Julia moved to a new home in Lester, where she lived until she passed away unex­pectedly February 1, 1969.

Born to this union: