Harry Hollenbeck was born January 30, 1863 in Farmers City, Illinois and came to Lester about 1888 or 1889.

Lizzie Grotejohn was born February 12, 1874 in Platteville, Wisconsin and came to Lester with her parents and family in 1889.

Harry Hollenbeck and Lizzie Grotjohn were married in 1890. They had three sons Grover born July 1, 1891, Leonard (Bud) born July 13, 1893, and Lester (Pete) born October 20, 1901.

Harry was a butcher and had his shop on the south side of the street which later became a cafe and then the barbershop. He moved his shop to the north side of the street west of the poolhall. His slaughterhouse was west of Lester near Mudcreek.

He farmed on the south edge of Lester many years before moving to the house he had built on the north edge of Lester.

They came into town about 1932 and lived in a brickhouse east of the schoolhouse. They moved to California in 1945-46 where they died. They were buried in Lester in 1949 and 1951.