Ted was born October 8, 1909 at Oneida, Kansas. He attended Nemaha, Kansas school.

Ted moved to the Lester area in 1930. He hired out to many area farmers to hand pick ear corn. He recalls a “good day” was picking one acre of corn!

Emma was born January 13, 1910. She attended a country school in Logan Township. She spent many of her youthful years helping mothers with young children and new babies.

Ted and Emma were married November 8. 1932,in Rock Rapids. The day of their wedding was highlighted by a blizzard which many people remember to this day.

Their first home was near Hills, Minnesota, but they moved to a farm southwest of Lester where they farmed and milked cows for many years. Ted and Emma retired and moved to Lester in 1972.

There were seven children born to this union:

Bob married Nancy Wysong, Lester, Iowa.

John,married Donna Moser, Mesa, Arizona.

Ernie married Sharon DeHaan, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Wayne married Dorothy Sabo (deceased), Mansfield, Ohio.

Pauline married Dave Teubel, Larchwood, Iowa.

Bill, married Erma Esslinger, Lester, Iowa.

Jim married Suzanne Miller, Lester, Iowa.

A special highlight since their retirement was being able to celebrate their 50th Anniversary in 1982. At this time Ted keeps busy doing woodworking and Emma enjoys baking, handwork and working for others.