The Ernst Albert Feucht Family

Ernst (known as E.A.) was the oldest son of Carl and Emma Feucht. He was born in Stark, Illinois, on August 4, 1905.   They soon moved to a farm south of Lester.

In 1929 he started a trucking business in Lester.   He lived in Lester until he was inducted into the Army in 1943..   While serving in the European Theatre under General Patton, he earned the rank of Staff sergeant with the 368th Engineer Regiment and also took part in the Normandy Invasion.   After his discharge in 1945, he married Martha Moser of Morris, Minnesota.

At that time, the couple moved to Hudson, South Dakota, and bought a trucking business which they operated for three years.   After selling the Hudson business they moved back to Lester and in 1952, E. A. started selling Zip Feeds based out of the Old City Scale House in Lester.   The scale still functioned as a public scale for some time.   Along with the feed sales, Ernie supported his business with a truck in which he hauled feed and livestock.   As a result of his livestock shipping, E.A. spent several years as a member of the Pioneer Shippers, which served as an organization for the old-time shippers based at the Sioux Falls Stockyards.

In 1953, they purchased the Old Store building from Ralph Davidson.   This building located on the corner of Main and Thomas, was used by Davidson as an upholstery shop prior to the Feucht purchase.   The Old Store was utilized as a feed warehouse on the first floor and living quarters for the family on the second floor.   In the future, E.A. would then become a Hubbard Feeds dealer.

In 1963, after having 10 children, Ernie and the family purchased the Fred Haegele home which was located one and one-half blocks north of the feed store.

Due to an illness, E.A.   was forced to retire in 1976.   He still wanted his customers to have access to Hubbard Feeds so with the help of some Hubbard representatives, they coordinated a group of people to form Lester Feed and Grain.   At that time (December 1976), they purchased the local grain elevator and have since added much grain and fertilizer storage.   Lester Feed and Grain is still operating today.

E.A. passed away on January 5, 1979 from a lingering illness.   Some time after his death, a group of friends and family salvaged the Old Store Building.   Later, Martha sold the lots that the building was resting on to the Lester State Bank.   They then constructed a new office, which is now the People’s Bank and Trust.