The Life of Claus Claussen

Claus Claussen was born in Germany October 3, 1877.   He joined the Prussian Army at age 21.   He served three years, learning leather work.   He went into the shoe repair and leather work until 1902, when he came to the United States.   He came to a small town of Lester, Iowa where his brother Bill lived.   He worked on farms before starting his own shoe and harness repair business.

He met and married Elsie Wulf and they had six children; Maynard, Dorothy, Melvin, Anna Marie, Una May and Lucy.

Elsie passed away July 23, 1932 after a short illness.   Caring for six children was quite a chore for him, since he had to work and the children were very young.   He hired a housekeeper for three years.   Dorothy, the oldest daughter, took charge at age 13.

As the children grew up and left Lester, he lived with Dorothy and her husband Melvin Carlson until his death.   He passed away September 9, 1962 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.   He is buried at the Hillside Cemetery, Lester, Iowa.