The Victor Louis Chamberlain Family

Lucy Kimball, born August 22, 1870 near La Moille, Ill., married February 18, 1892 to Louis Victor Chamberlain, born July 2, 1866, near Eagle Grove, Iowa.   Lou died January 10, 1951.

Born to this union were two sons, J.D. Chamberlain, born April 14, 1895, near Waterloo, Iowa.   He served in W.W. I and returned from France on March 17, 1919. On January 21, 1921, he married Hazel Dell, born May 14, 1894 near Alvord, Iowa.   J.D. died August 14, 1967.

J.D. and Hazel had four children: Ila Muriel, born January 4, 1922, married Russell Fredrickson from New Britain, Conn.   They have two daughters, Karen and Susan, Glen Earl born, February 5, 1926, died November 26, 1928. Betty Lou married Lee Viborg of Albert Lea, Minnesota.   They have two children Jeffrey Dale and Kim Leslie.   June Dell Chamberlain was born June 13, 1932 and died April 22, 1933.

Also born to Lucy and Lou Chamberlain was another son, Earl Victor Chamberlain, born on August 12, 1897 in Eagle Grove, Iowa.   He married Grace Elliot Sherman from Pittsburgh.