The Family of Joseph Brucken

Joseph Brucken, son of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Brucken was born in Ft. Loramie, Ohio, on November 30, 1864. He came to this area in 1886. He farmed for a few years and in 1889 he left the farm and joined the Pete Peters carpenter crew. He worked there for many years. On January 11, 1893, he married Allie Hollingsworth of Typecanoe City, Ohio.

They were parents of seven children. The oldest John Leo, died in August of 1897. Three daughters, Mary, Ada and Corrine and three sons, Joseph, Fred and Tom all grew up and all attended the Lester Public School. Today Tom and Ada are the only survivors. Tom lives in Sioux Falls and Ada is Lester’s oldest citizen. She was born on February 17, 1898. Mrs. Joseph Brucken Sr. died in February of 1924. Joseph Brucken, Sr. died in October of 1947.