The Family of John Bouwman Sr.

Johannes (John) Bouwman, born December 8, 1884, married Jacoba Smit on December 22, 1915. Jacoba was born on August 27, 1896.

John and Jacoba lived south of Lester (currently the Warren Newborg farm) for many years before moving to a farm two miles east and three-fourths of a mile south of Lester where they resided for 27 years.

Born to this union were 14 children; Edward, Thomas, Walter, Marion (Matt), Gradus, Dick, Henry (Hank), Ann, Mary Jane, John Jr. Marie, Greta, Adrianna, Jeanette. Edward, Marion, Dick, Mary Jane and Jeanette are deceased.

John and Jacoba retired to a home in Rock Rapids in 1955. John passed away April 10, 1961 and Jacoba remains in the Rock Rapids Health Care Center, Rock Rapids, Iowa.