The Lester Volunteer Fire Department was formed in 1892, but the earliest records were in May, 1933.  The number of members varied, but was quite consistant at approximately 24.

In these earlier years the Fire Dept. had a basketball and a baseball team.  There is not much on record on how much equipment they had when it was established.  The department they had when it was established.  The department still has the 2 wheel chemical cart.  The 1936 International Fire truck with a 250 gal. tank was sold sometime in the 1970's.

In 1965 a new GMC Fire Truck was purchased.  It had a 350 GPM Pump and 1000 Gal. Tank.  The price of this truck was $9617.00.  In the fall of 1965 it was decided a new Fire House must be built and it was completed sometime after the first of the year in 1966.  This building is now used by Roger Monen as the Northwest Iowa Fur Co.  In the early 1970's a new 4-stall Fire House was built with 2 rest rooms and carpeted office.

In approximately June or July 1985, a 1983 Chevrolet fire truck was purchased.  It has a 750 GPM seperate engine driven pump with 1100 gal. tank capacity.  It has its own electric generator for 110 volt flood lights on the rear of the truck.  The price of this truck was approximately $46,000.00.

Some of the Fire Chiefs were:  Ferd Peters, Paul Nester, Harry Hoogeveen, George Myrlie, Fred Wenzel, Frank Wynia, J.D. Chamberlain, Ernie Gerber, Roy Hoogeveen, Silas Knobloch, Robert Gerber.

Over the years of record, Secretary-treasurers were:  Ray Herstine, E.E. March, F. Herstine, J.D. Chamberlain, Martin Mauer, Robert Gerber, Jerry Baatz, James Gerber, Bill Gerber, Bill Metzger and Harold Meester.

The Fire Department is supported financially by tax monies and donations.  After purchasing our last truck in 1985 the money from taxations was far short of our payment obligations and in November of each year we send out an information letter and ask for donations.  Both the rural and people from the town of Lester have been very generous and have helped in a great way.

Robert Gerber, Chief 1988.

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