Dietrich and Julia Knobloch had five sons who have served in the armed services. They are Albert, Ernst, Dietrich, Wilbert and Earl Knobloch.

Albert D. Knobloch entered the armed services December 30, 1940. He was with the last active horse cavalry unit of the Army. Albert took part of the largest peace time maneuver in the summer of 1941. In 1942 he went to Camp Hale, Colorado with ski troops. They then went to Fort Carson, Colorado in 1943, in mule packs. Albert landed in LeHarve, France on February 8, 1945 and went into combat March 4, 1945, until peace was signed in Trinz, Austria, where they met the Russians. He left France October 18, 1945, landed October 26th and was discharged November 5, 1945.

Ernst Knobloch entered the service on January 15. 1942. The total time in the service was 3 years, 6 months and 7 days. His total tour of duty overseas was 33 months and 6 days. He was in England a few months, in North Africa 1 year and the balance in Italy. Ernst was an airplane engine mechanic. He was discharged July 21, 1945.

Wilbert Knobloch entered the service on April 11, 1951. He left for the Pacific War Theater on August 30, 1951. Wilbert spent 17 months in the Korean conflict, 1 year in the 22nd Evac Hospital, the rest as an Aid man with the 45th Infantry Division. He returned to State side at Seattle on January 6, 1953. Separated from active duty on January 26, 1953 and served from then until October 19, 1956 as inactive reserve.

Dietrich E. Knobloch was inducted into the service in June 1942. He served a little over 42 months. While in the Army he was in the South Pacific -- New Guinia, Phillipine Islands, and Japan. Dietrich was discharged November 1945.

Earl Knobloch went into the service July 17, 1956 and was discharged on April 18, 1958. He was enlisted for 21 months. Earl had his basic training at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas. His Tour of Duty was in Korea.


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