The Edward Bouwman Post

Following W.W. II a group of returning servicemen and W.W. I vets, currently members of other Legion Posts, held a social evening at the Magnolia Steak House. It was agreed on that Lester could and should form a chartered Legion Post at Lester.

On the 25th of February, 1946 the organizational meeting was held in Lester to apply for a charter. Should the family agree, it was to be named the Edward Bouwman Post in honor of Edward Bouwman who gave his life in W.W. II.

On the 11th of March, 1946 the first meeting was held. Charter members total for the year of 1946 was 43 members.

In April of 1946, the members of the Legion decided to ask for permission to organize the Auxiliary. Permission was granted and the Ninth District president from Sheldon, Iowa helped with organization. The new Post purchased their flags which cost $143.09. The post sent Eugene Schnepf as the first representative to Boy’s State.

In keeping with the purpose of community survey, the Post agreed to support construction of a lighted ball diamond. Some of the members assisted in coaching the young boys.

The Post purchased guns and ammunition, along with their flags in preparation for the first Memorial Day service which was held in 1946. Memorial Day services have been held every year since. Each year there were refinements in the services, the most recent is the avenue of flags.

When the charter arrived in November the Reverend Grote was asked to print the names, as he was an excellent calligrapher.

The project for December of 1946 was to purchase a Christmas tree for the main street and decorate with lights.

Edward Bouwman Post members are proud of their organization and its accomplishments through the years.




Fred L. Rank Ernest Knobloch
Melvin R. Grotewold Russel Fredrickson
Melvin L. Carlson William Lauck
Louis W. Moser Frederick C. Wenzel
Richard E. Den Hartog Nick Van Ipern
Charles M. Gage Jr. Albert Knobloch
Ervin E. Graham Donald Dell
Don E. Graham Eli B. Metzger
Loren W. Graham James Martins
Lawrence Van Berkum Jacob Wulf
Clarence Rippentrop Leslie Hollenbeck
Walter Rippentrop Joe Doorneweerd
Adolph Moser Fred Huber
J.D. Chamberlain Jacob Meisner
Ralph Selken Wilhelm Meyer
Harley Selken Gilbert Elbers Jr.
Thomas Bouwman Alvin Leuthold
Chris Boom Jr. Melvin Claussen
Floyd Cunningham Marvin Smith Jr.
Hazel Rank Carl Campbell
Hugo Denker Carl Knobloch
George Marnette



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