Lester, Iowa October 2, —Five sons of Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Denker, of this place, their entire family were called to the colors. Three of them saw service in France, but now they are all back in civilian life, with the honor of faithful service to their credit.

Herbert Denker was a registrant from Montana, but he was transferred to Lyon County and went from this county. He, with his brother, Robert served in France. Herbert was 16 days in Alsace­Lorraine, with the 88th division, 349th infantry.

Robert was with the 9th division, 360th infantry. He was one year in France and saw service in the St. Mihiel drive and in the Argonne.

Hugo and Emil were both on the transport, for service “over there” but were called back after being at sea three days. This was when the armistice had been signed.

Waldo, the “baby” of the family, was a member of a company that was sent to France, but he was sent home on a furlough and did not get across.

The boys are not natives of Lyon County, although they are native Iowans. All were born in Scott County, Ia. For 16 years however, they have lived with their parents near Lester.

The people of this community were surprised to hear of the marriage of Hugo Denker and Miss Alice Weisbrod, which occurred Saturday, March 29, at Sioux Falls. They certainly “put one over”. The bride is the intermediate room teacher and is much admired by all who know her and greatly loved by all her pupils. Hugo returned from the army a couple of months ago. He is a man of fine character and is liked by all who know him.

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