Lyon County Genealogy



Mrs. Victor Gurnee Coe


From "The Blue Book of Iowa Women"
Edited and Compiled by Winona Evans Reeves - 1914


Mrs. Ernestine Kent Coe was born in Roscoe, Ill., Sept. 6, 1862. She is of Puritan ancestry, the daughter of George H.S. Kent and Belinda Smith, who came from Pennsylvania to Illinois in 1844. Her great-grandfather had a thrilling experience in the early days of Pennsylvania, fighting the Indians to protect his home. Later he fought in the Revolutionary War for American Independence. Her grandmother, Charlotte Cray Smith, was one of the first pupils in Miss Emma Willard's school in Troy, N.Y. Mrs. Coe, after having graduated from the high school, took a course in music in the Kimball Conservatory in Chicago.

In 1887 at Roscoe, Ill., she was married to Victor Gurnee Coe of Rock Rapids, Iowa. In 1891 they moved to Iowa City, where Mr. Coe completed his law course. In 1893 they moved to Clinton where they now reside. They have three sons, Leonard Gurnee, Allan Kent, and Floyd Herman. She is an active member of the Congregational church. She is a charter member of the Harmonic Club, a musical organization and of the Woman's Club. During the time she was president of the Sunoida Club, through its influence, the Civic Association was organized and the public rest room established. She is a member of the Library Extension Com. I.R.W.C. She has traveled a good deal in this country and in 1910 traveled in Europe and witnessed the Passion Play. Notwithstanding an interest in the outside world she believes that

"Home keeping hearts are the happiest
Home loving hearts are the best."


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