St. Mary's School Band


St Mary's School, Larchwood, Iowa

The brick school was built in 1915 for a cost of $24,378. At the time the school opened there were only 10 grades taught. Four sisters from Wilkes-Barre, PA were the first teachers. The junior and senior grades were added in 1917, and boarders were kept until 1923.

In 1937 eight Sisters of St. Francis, Dubuque, replaced the Sisters of Mercy.In 1965 a new grade school was built. Two years later , due to sister shortage the high school closed it's door for the last time. Four hundred twelve students graduated from the high school since it's beginning.


Students of St. Mary's who make up the band are, left to right: Back row: M. McCarthy, Keith Kelly, D. Krier. Third row: A. Scholten, the Rev. H.A. Janse, director, M. Kamp, P. Phelan, J. Scholten, P. Allen, R. Zimmer, T. Snyders, L. Bruggeman. Second row: M.A. Doherty, J. Schreurs, Mary Hays, M. Phelan, T. Schuttloffel, Maureen Hays, D. Breuer. First row: J. Richarz, B. VanAsh, M.J. Schreurs, D. Schettler, M. Bruggeman, J. Krier, C. McCarthy, and Kathleen Kelly.

Alumni members of the band not on the picture are: Alvin Schettler, Josephine Reinke, Clara Schettler, Irene Richarz, and Helen Scholten.

Photo provided by Diane Johnson


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